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Buffalo Wild Wings Spirit Day – Thursday, February 2

BWW Spirit Night 2017 jpg

“It’s the gol-darndest zoo–On the face of the earth!” – Dr. Seuss ‘If I ran the Zoo’

Yesterday the entire school had a chance to take an in-school field trip!

We all ventured into the science lab, for 5th grade’s…

Botanical Biome Zoo!

5th grade science has been learning about animal biomes, ecosystems, habitats, and niches. 

The 5th grade zoo keepers had to choose an animal and design a progressive zoo exhibit. These exhibits included all the necessities an animal would need and have in the wild. The zoo keepers needed to design ample space, proper temperature, and include the animal’s proper food choices as they would find it in the wild.

Each zoo keeper had to write a persuasive letter, asking the zoo director for funding, for their new state-of-the-art enclosures.

They presented each class with tickets, presented their biomes to the zoo attendees, and shared the knowledge they learned while completing their enclosure.

Check out some of the animals we got to see!


Rebecca K. – Meerkat


Sinclair M. – Lynx


Jacob K. – Sloth


Sarah J. – Panda


Shealee S. – Flying Squirrel


Mrs. Hamlett, our Middle School Science teacher, let us experience some “touch and feel” exhibits!

DSC_0278 DSC_0276 DSC_0269 DSC_0266 DSC_0265 DSC_0264 DSC_0262 DSC_0272

This mini trip was a lot of fun!  The Zoo Keepers ALL did a wonderful job showing and explaining their enclosures to us!

Thank you again to Mrs. Hamlett, the 5th grade Zoo Keepers, and everyone who was involved in helping make this possible!

We really enjoyed it! (and I know everyone else did too!)

“Today I had the pleasure of visiting Mrs. Hamlett’s fifth grade science class as the students presented their classroom zoo.  I was so impressed with how enthusiastically these students shared what they had learned about each animal in their zoo exhibit.  When they were finished, they couldn’t wait to show off some of the real animals in the classroom, including Clyde the frog, Ruby the bearded dragon, and Penelope and McClendon, the rats.  I never imagined when I woke up today that I would not only enjoy the opportunity to pet a bearded dragon and two rats, but see such responsibility and knowledge displayed by these students.  They carefully held and cared for the animals, and were eager to share with me all they had learned about them this year. “

– Mrs. McCormick,  SJV Principal

SJV Alumni Recognition

Congratulations to the following SJV Alumni for their academic achievements in this past fall semester at Pope John Paul II High School:  Headmaster’s List (all A’s) – Stratton Clausen (SJV Class of 2013), Thomas Janes (SJV Class of 2013), Megan McCormick (SJV Class of 2014), Alison Gerstner (SJV Class of 2015), and Julia Hutt (SJV Class of 2015).  Faculty’s List (A’s in all but one class) – Devon LeCave (SJV Class of 2015).  Way to go, Wildcats!!

Second Quarter Wheels in Motion Winner

wheels-in-motion-holden-bilbreyCongratulations to our second quarter Wheels in Motion winner, Holden Bilbrey! Many thanks to the Gallatin Rotary Club and Gallatin Police Department for their generous sponsorship of this program. Here is what Holden’s teacher, Mrs. Woodfin, said about Holden in her nomination:

“I witnessed some great Wheels in Motion behavior the other day from a student. Holden Bilbrey has been such a hard worker in my class, he has shown much growth and maturity over the past few months. This week a student had been absent from school and was struggling to complete his work. Holden came up to me and offered to sit with that student and help him. He would use his worksheets to guide him and answer questions. What this meant was Holden was going to complete his seat work and once he finished he would help the other student and miss out on doing white boards something he loves to do when he completes all his work. I was so proud of this sacrifice he was willing to make to help another student so I could continue to work with the other students on the daily task for that day.

I have on my desk “how have you seen God today,” and during my breaks I often jot down ways that I see Him. On this day, at that particular moment, I saw God in Holden through his servant actions.”

Open House – January 22, 2017 12:00 – 2:00 pm