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Inside Our Classrooms


A Balanced Curriculum

Students at St. John Vianney are given a wide range of educational opportunities:

  • Mathematics through Algebra
  • Language and Literature
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Music and Art for the fostering of creativity
  • Spanish instruction at least once a week
  • Educational Technology and Library Research
  • Physical Education

At St. John Vianney Catholic School, we aim to educate the whole child.  Every teacher in every classroom looks not only to engage the students and hold them to high academic standards, but to give them opportunities that will help them grow in all areas of their development.  In our balanced approach, teachers work together to find cross-curricular ways to inspire and connect with our students in varied and unique ways.

As a Catholic school, we look not only to educate our students in the Faith, but to help them become leaders in the outside world by living Christian lives.  Students at all ages are not only assisted with peer interactions and guided as they learn how to respectfully live and work with one another, but taught to extend the gifts of Christian love and generosity throughout the world.  Students in all grades participate in community outreach projects that illustrate to them their own responsibility in caring for God’s Creation.

Examples of our balanced educational philosophy can be found by visiting our classroom pages.  Here, it is easy to see how we are inspired by faith, and driven by excellence.

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