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Calendar of Events

March 20-24th:

  • Spring Break

March 27th:

  • School resumes

March 29th:

  • Wildcat Wednesday

April 3rd-7th:

  • IOWA Testing

April 8th:

  • SJV Wildcat 5K

Peter Pan, the “Almost” Musical

Just want to give a big shout out to my first graders to BREAK A LEG in tonight’s show!

I know you will be awesome, and I can’t wait to see you perform!

  • Miller Campbell as… Captain Hook’s Pirate
  • Alexis Cook as…Brave Oak
  • Sophia Gentry as…Brave Pine
  • Bax Hill as…A Lost Boy
  • Camilla Rausch as…Brave Shrub
  • Jonah Zimmerman as…John Darling

I am so very proud of all of you, and I know the talent God gave you will shine brighter than a spotlight!


Read below to see all the great activities we have planned to celebrate Catholic Schools’ Week…

Monday (1/29) Student Appreciation Day:

  • STEM workshop!
  • No Homework!
  • Extra Recess!
  • Out of Uniform!

Tuesday (1/30) Parent Appreciation Day:

  • Muffins in the morning!
  • No Homework!

Wednesday (2/1) St. John Vianney Day:

  • Bishop’s Mass at CPC 10:00 a.m.

Thursday (2/2) Faculty/Staff Appreciation Day:

  • Faculty/Staff breakfast @8a.m.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings’ Spirit Night (Gallatin location).

Friday (2/3) Grandparents’ Day:

  • Mass @8a.m.
  • Program in gym following Mass.
  • Grandparents and students return to classrooms for donuts and juice!
  • 11:30 dismissal!


Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year!

The new year is already off to a busy start. We are all rested and re-energized for the second semester! Below are some important dates and events to remember and add to your calendar:

January 9th:

  • CIA meeting @6:00 p.m.

January 12th:

  • No school Mass.
  • I-Pad activity with our 5th grade Buddies!

January 16th:

  • MLK Holiday: No school.

January 18th:

  • Wildcat Wednesday!

Upcoming Events

December 12th:

  • CIA meeting @ 3:30

December 13th:

  • Christmas Angel presents due
  • Christmas Program practice from 1-3

December 14th:

  • Christmas Program practice from 9-11
  • Wheels In Motion Award Ceremony @3:00

December 15th:

  • Christmas party from 1:30-300
  • Christmas Program @6:00

December 16th- January 2nd:

  • Christmas break