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Learning our colors…in Spanish!

The Pre-K class has been doing a wonderful job in Spanish!  Every class we sing songs (“Hola, amigos!” and “Uno, dos, tres amigos”) learning our greetings and numbers 1-10.  Today we began learning our Spanish colors.  We also have conversation every class, where the students are learning how to say how they are (bien, asi-asi, and mal).  At the end of each class, we sing “Adios, amigos!”

Specialty Classes…..

Computer class- Mrs. Shelby will be helping on Wednesday during computer class. The students learned mouse skills: manipulate cursor using the mouse, click to select and double-click to select. Please encourage your child to practice these skills at home.

Music class-Music class will be on the first Friday of each month with the Kindergarten Class. In our first class the students learned to move to different patterns of beat and rhythm with rhythm sticks.

Library Class-Mrs. Gabers will be helping on Monday during Library. Our first class will be September 12th.

Look What We Are Studying….

Theme- I am Special

Math- Identification, measuring, counting, and sorting activities.

Writing- Develop alphabet readiness with manipulative skills

Science- Classify familiar classroom objects as living and nonliving.

Religion- Investigate the Church is God’s house and is like a family. We will also visit the Church this week.