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Look What We Are Studying….


Zoo Phonics-Identify animal letter cards A-O and the sounds they make. Please continue to practice the animal letter sounds at home. You should have received a copy of all the animal letter names and sounds in the Wednesday folder.

Language Arts-“All About Me” posters and books.

Writing- Discovers how to make the capital letters in their names.

Math- Identifies, describe and extend simple patterns using a variety of concrete objects.

Religion- Read Luke 8:4-8; The Farmer and the Seeds; Jesus wants my love for Him to grow.

Science- No School on Friday



We have started the Zoo-Phonics multisensory Language Arts Program in our classroom. The program uses animal shaped letters along with body movements to introduce all the letter sounds in the alphabet.  

You will find a sheet in the Wednesday Folder that has all the animal names and the body movements that goes along with each letter so your child can practice the animal names and sounds at home.

Look What We Are Studying….

Zoo Phonics-Identify animal letter cards A-K and the sounds they make.

Language Arts- Open Court- telling parts of stories they liked or disliked and can hear specific words in sentences, pick them out and listen with attention.

Math- sort and classify concrete objects by one attribute (size).

Writing- recognizes and identifies straight and curled lines.

Science-Identify and describe likenesses and differences among objects.

Religion- demonstrates how Jesus wants them to follow him.

Specialty Classes….

Computer Class– The students will continue practicing their mouse skills. Please continue to encourage your child to practice these skills at home.

Library Class– The students learned the Library rules and how to check out a book. Library books will be kept at school so we can read the books during snack time.