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Don’t Miss Back to School Night – August 25 – 6-8 pm

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If You Take a Pre-K(er) to School….(A day in the life of SJV Pre-K)

Congratulations Pre-K Students!

You’ve officially made it through your 1st FULL week of Pre-K!


This week you may have noticed just how hard your student has been working. Each day they came home with their daily morning work papers, as well as some handwriting pages.  These will remain a constant throughout the entire year, so it’s always best to get the students used to the type of work they will be doing, and the correct ways to complete the activities.

We have transitioned into a “real time” daily schedule. At the beginning of the year, I map out a tentative daily schedule, of the subjects and activities I hope to accomplish, each and every day. As we entered into this week, it was my main goal to establish a daily routine for the children.  This is easy and hard all at the same time, but the students are adjusting well.

We begin each morning with a skills worksheet.  As the year progresses, the skills will change, as well as the difficulty.  If students finish their work before others, I allow them to work on a puzzle or to look through a book.  This offers quiet interaction time with peers, while those who are still working can concentrate and do their best work.

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After their morning work is complete, we begin to gather on the carpet for our Dr. Jean follow along, dance along. This helps us get out our last minute wiggle-jiggles, before we begin our day.

This generally leads into Calendar Routine.  We cover things like the month, date, days-of-the-week, and weather/seasons. We also include more sing-a-long songs to helps us learn the days of the week and months of the year. But, this is also a key time to work on sitting correctly on the carpet, having watching eyes and listening ears, and keeping our hands in our lap.  I generally call upon the students, to give turns, but also praise and encourage raising their hands to identify the answer.

During Language Arts time, we have been reading and discussing the stories we’ve been reading.  We have also been practicing our ABCs and identifying letters.

During the daily Math Meeting, we have been reviewing several skills.We identify shapes, colors, and numbers.  We also have begun learning our number formation rhymes. These are rhyming sing songs that help them learn how to write the number. Finally, we practice counting to thirty.

In addition to all of these activities inside the room, the students have been attending their daily specials classes.  When the weather permits, we have been retreating outside for a break in the morning and the afternoon.

…And then…

There’s always free center time.  It is during this time that I’m watching (and snapping pictures as you’ll see) and listening for age appropriate social interaction.  When problems arise, we’ve been working on working together, and not fighting, so no one gets in trouble.  This is actually a line from one of our morning dance-alongs.

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Great First Week Pre-K!


Spanish Classes Have Begun!

Spanish classes began this week!

On Wednesday, each middle school class met to go over expectations and to receive textbooks and workbooks.  Make sure to go over the class syllabus and textbook with your student and sign and return the acknowledgment form on Monday, 8/15.  Middle school students will receive their first vocabulary lists on Monday 8/15, and will have their first vocabulary quiz on Wednesday, 8/24.

On Friday, all of the elementary classes met for the first time.  It was an opportunity to introduce/review classroom routines.  Check on AscendSMS each week to find out what the topics and activities were for that class period.

I look forward to working with your students this year!  Please call or email if you have any questions.

-Mrs. McCormick

First Day “firsts” in Pre-K!

Hello Everyone!

It’s hard to believe the first day of the school year is here!

Introducing SJV Pre-K 3/4 Class! ('16-'17)

Introducing SJV Pre-K 3/4 Class! (’16-’17)

The students started off their day in gym class, with Mrs. Raybourne!  Afterwards, we took advantage of the photobooth, for our first class photo!  After several consecutive shots (lol), this shot became the winner!  We also took time to do some individuals. So, without further ado…here are our little shining stars:

Cannon H!

Cannon H! (3)


Sophia Rose B.!

Sophia Rose B.! (4)


Tommy G.!

Tommy G.! (4)


Maggie W.!

Maggie W.! (4)


Samantha S.!

Samantha S.! (4)


Jett B.!

Jett B.! (4)


Drew C.!

Drew C.! (3)


Patton M.!

Patton M.! (3)

And there ya have it folks!  I am so excited to have this group!  I can already tell how much personality each one of them has, and I can’t wait to watch them grow throughout the year!

We were also fortunate to celebrate a friend’s birthday today!  When you see her next, don’t forget to wish Miss Maggie a Happy Belated Birthday!

There's no better way to celebrate being 4, than with a Purple Peppa Pig Cupcake!  Happy Birthday, Sweet Mags!

There’s no better way to celebrate being 4, than with a Purple Peppa Pig Cupcake! Happy Birthday, Sweet Mags!

Tommy skipped the Purple Peppa Pigs,. A chocolate cupcake was more his style!

Tommy skipped the Purple Peppa Pigs. A chocolate cupcake was more his style!

20160810_094844 20160810_094839 20160810_094833_001

Cupcakes for everyone! (rest assured, it was AFTER they ate a healthy snack) 🙂

We also explored in free centers today.  The cursiosity was building and building, so Mrs. Schaefer gave in, and the students had a blast cheking everything out!20160810_113640 20160810_113643 20160810_113800 20160810_113801 20160810_113839 20160810_113834 20160810_113814 20160810_113806


Finally, we took some time to get some fresh air, and explore our playground!  You know what they say, Work Hard, Play Harder!

20160810_110028 20160810_110018 20160810_110006 20160810_105950 20160810_105610 20160810_105805 20160810_105829 20160810_105604 20160810_105453 20160810_105933

We also had a chance to meet our 7th grade Buddies today.  Unfortunately, it was only a “Meet & Greet”, so no pictures were taken at this time.  We will do SEVERAL activities with our buddies throughout the year, so there will be plenty of time for pictures later on!

Overall, we had a GREAT first day!  I can’t wait for tomorrow, or the rest of the year!  Stay tuned!

School Year Wrap-Up 2016!

May 16th – 20th: PENNY WARS!!!

  • Penny Wars is a school wide competition to see which class can donate the most Pennies!
  • The event takes place ALL WEEK LONG!
  • Each Penny, put into their grades bucket, will be worth one point.
  • All other currency, including dollar bills, count as negative points. (usually used for sabotage! *cue evil laugh*)
  • Rolled coins count as DOUBLE points!
  • The class with the most points, at the end of the week, win a special surprise!

Pennies! Pennies! Pennies!

May 25th – Field Day!

  • Begins at 8:00am
  • Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten should wear APPROPRIATE athletic shorts and any SJV tee shirt. (i.e. Fun Run or 5k T-Shirt)
  • Any tennis shoes may be worn.
  • If sunny, please apply sunscreen BEFORE the school day.
  • Students are able to be dismissed, following Field Day activities. (day wraps up at 11:30)
  • Note there is NO lunch served in the cafeteria this day.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Last Day of School 

  • 8:00 – All School Mass
  • 9:00 – All School Academic Awards (to follow Mass in the church)
  • 9:45-10:00 – End of the Year Parties (looking for volunteers to help with the ice cream party)
  • 11:30 – Half Day Dismissal – NO AFTERCARE

*NO backpacks are needed, on this day.

*Students must wear their Mass uniform, since we will be going to church.

*There will be NO snack time.

*Students may be dismissed any time before 11:30, after they have enjoyed their end of the year sweet treat and goody prize.