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Field Trip Reminder!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

And other treasured stories by Eric Carle

When: Wednesday, November 16th

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Place: Tennessee Performing Arts Center

All students must have a car or booster seat, to travel in, to the play. Please leave these in the office on Wednesday morning at drop-off.

We will be departing from school at 9:00 a.m., and we will be returning to school around 12:30 p.m., followed by lunch in the classroom.


Due to the return time to school, school provided lunch will NOT be offered to Pre-K students on this day.

*Lunch ends at 12:00*


Rockin’ Through Red Ribbon Week!

Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to Red Ribbon Week!

This week, we will devote portions of our learning, to focus on being the healthiest versions of ourselves. Whether that means eating healthy and exercising, or not putting toxic elements into our bodies.

Here at SJV we focus on being….


We kicked the celebration off today, by wearing red clothing to school. But wait, that’s not all! 

We also had a special visit from the Gallatin Fire Department.  In addition to Red Ribbon Week, it is also Fire Prevention and Safety Month!  Please enjoy the pictures from our time with the firemen!

20161024_092503 20161024_092506

20161024_093107 20161024_093113 20161024_093122 20161024_093148 20161024_093245 20161024_100403 20161024_100405 20161024_100525 20161024_101200 20161024_101634 20161024_101638 20161024_101644 20161024_101657 20161024_101703 20161024_101704

20161024_102213 20161024_102215

 20161024_145646 20161024_145647

Here’s a small snap shot, for the remainder of the week. Don’t miss out on all the fun!

Tuesday – 10/25 – “Hats Off to being Drug Free!”

*students may wear any hat of their choice, WITH THEIR REGULAR UNIFORM*


Wednesday – 10/26 – “Team Up Against Drugs”

*students may wear their favorite team jersey with jeans and tennis shoes*

Thursday – 10/27 – “Hugs, Not Drugs!”

*students may bring a stuffed animal to hug during the day*

There is still All School Mass this day, so students should come to school in their Mass uniform.

Friday – 10/26 – “I’m Too Bright for That!”

*students may wear sunglasses, WITH THEIR REGULAR UNIFORM*

Prepping in Pre-K for Week 8!

We have finally arrived to Week 8, of school.  It’s hard to believe that next week will be Fall Break already! While I’m sure we are all looking forward to quality family time, and days off from school, we do have a busy week ahead of us. Please mark your calendars, with these important happenings, so you do not miss out on all the SJV fun!

  • Tomorrow, Tuesday September 27th, is the first Box Tops for Education collection.  Please send in any or all Box Tops you have been collecting, so that we can put them towards our 2016 classroom collection.  Box Tops should be turned into me, inside a Ziploc Bag, labeled with your student’s name and grade. Also, .  If you would like to help count our collections and earn some volunteer hours you can contact Marifran Gentry at and let her know you want to help.

* LABEL UPDATE:  the Campbell’s label collection has been discontinued so please remove any of those from your collection.  Also, we no longer participate in the coke cap program so you will not need to send those items either.*


  • This Thursday, September 29th, will be an All School Mass Day. Students should come dressed in their Mass Uniform. (Boys: Khaki Pants, Polo, and Brown Dress Shoes. Girls: Jumpers, Yellow button up, Knee Socks, and Brown dress shoes.) As always, if you would like to attend Mass with us, you can meet us in the Narthex of the church shortly before 10, and you may sit with our class and your student.


  • This Friday, September 30th, is the Fun Run.  Students should come to school in their grey Fun Run t-shirt, athletic shorts, and athletic shoes. EVERYONE has turned in their permission slip, so as long as your student is present that day, you have given them permission to run. This is always a great fundraiser, and the students have a blast participating. If the weather permits, we will be holding the Fun Run outside in the school yard.  However, we do have a back-up plans of running in the gym, if the weather is not in our favor.  This year the money raised will help benefit Computer Lab equipment, as well as new Physical Education equipment. Every student participates by running or walking a designated track. OUR CLASSROOM FUNDRAISING GOAL IS $350.00! Each classroom, that meets their goal, will receive an out-of-uniform day to sport their Fun Run t-shirt, with jeans and athletic shoes. There will also be prizes for the Top 3 fundraisers in the ENTIRE school! 
  • 2016 SJV Fun Run
  • Friday September 30, 2016
  • Help support the SJV 2016 Fun Run, September 30, 2016 from 12:30-2:20. We need volunteers for set up, pining/unpinning tally sheet, marking sheets, counting marks, and clean up. Come out and support our Wildcats!!
  • Contact Information for Questions/Comments:
  •  Monica Krampotich
  •  Jennifer Daughtry
  • Need Volunteer Hours?
  • Sign up now on
  • *Pledges and donations should be collected OVER FALL BREAK and returned to the school the following week!*


  • Student council, as well as the Junior Service League, have begun their soda tab collection. This collection helps benefit the Ronald McDonald House.  We have this collection each year, to help students perform acts of Social Justice, which matches and aligns with our religion curriculum. Please send in ANY amounts of tabs, off of you aluminum cans, so we can add them to our classroom collection box.


  • Don’t Forget! Please turn in your Field Trip Permission slip, and $8.00 fee, by this Friday.  I must send out the check after Fall Break, so I would like to have the money collected before then. 

 *Currently, I have 1 (for sure) driver and 2 (tentative) drivers for the field trip. We will need 3-4 Parent Drivers to safely make it to TPAC.  If you have followed all proper steps with Mrs. Christi Kemp, and are willing and able to drive, please let me know.  Thank You!* 


  • Next week begins Fall Break.  Students will be out of school from October 3rd – October7th. School will resume Monday, October 10th.

Have a great week!

Fall Marks Its’ Spot With a Dot, Dot, Dot!

Happy Fall Y’all!

Yesterday marked the first official day of Fall.  

Pre-K and 7th grade celebrated by spending some quality time together, and embracing the Fall season with snacks and art projects!

We began our time together by indulging in ALL things A-P-P-L-E!

Mrs. Roberts brought all our favorite apple treats…Apple Jacks Cereal, Applesauce Pouches, Apple Juice, Dried Apple Slices, and Apple Dippers with Caramel! It sure was yummy, and I don’t think anyone disagreed! Mrs. Roberts and Jett B. also brought special treats to share with us.  Each Pre-K(er) got to take home a chocolate and caramel covered apple, that Jett decorated with M&Ms, as well as a caramel apple sucker!


Smiling sweetly with our yummy treats!

Smiling sweetly with our yummy treats!

Of course you ALWAYS have to take a silly picture!

Of course you ALWAYS have to take a silly picture!


As always, after snack we began working on our Art project. We decided that we would celebrate Fall, by coloring Fall pictures, with our brand new daubers!  These help make Art projects less messy, and the kids have fun using them too!  Mrs. Roberts also now knows that she might have to purchase some daubers for her own classroom, because the 7th graders had a blast! Check out all the fun we had below!

The girl table working hard!

The girl table working hard!




Korbin S., Pattom M., Drew C., and Chris J. working hard too!  Look at them all concentrating!

Korbin S., Patton M., Drew C., and Chris J. working hard too! Look at them all concentrating!20160922_102543


William C., Christian K., Thomas W., and Jett B. all hard at work!

William C., Christian K., Thomas W., and Jett B. all hard at work!

20160922_103500 20160922_103450 20160922_103444 20160922_102758 20160922_103440

So as you can see, we decorated all kinds of fall pictures! Everything from leaves to acorns, squirrels to owls, and of course….APPLES! When we finished our pictures, and all the ink was dry, we created our own Fall hallway display!

20160922_114959 20160922_115048 20160922_114958

The picture definitely doesn’t do either project justice.  The kids worked so hard, and they both came out great!  Hopefully you might be in the school soon, to check them out yourself in person! 🙂 

If you missed our August buddy project, here it is…


Thank you again to Mrs. Roberts, and her band of 7th graders, for spending the hour with us.  I, as well as the students, cherish this time together. It’s never a dull moment, and we’re always having FUN!

Pre-K Week 6 Wrap-Up

Greetings Everyone!

Can you believe that we are ALREADY halfway through our first quarter of school? I know I sure can’t!

Even crazier to comprehend, is that Fall Break is a mere two weeks away!  (said in an excited, yet tired, teacher voice) 🙂

Nonetheless, we have been hard at work here in Pre-K!  As you may have noticed, more and more work examples are starting to come home. All the skills you have seen on these pages are things we are covering in class regularly. We have been completing our work in a variety of manners. Sometimes we work with Mrs. Schaefer as a whole group, while other times we work in small groups to better get the attention each student needs.  This also helps to group us by ability level, which assists us in growing and learning with our like peers. We are all trying our best, and completing the work to the best of our ability, which makes Mrs. Schaefer’s heart very happy! 🙂

This past Wednesday, September 14th, the weekly Wednesday Folder came home quite full. There were also several important papers, within the folder, that I would like to take time to talk about here…

2016 Annual Fun Run

Date: September 30, 2016

Time: 12:45-3:00

(tentative running time for Pre-K will be around the 1:00)

Location: SJV Playground

(will move inside to the gym if the weather does not permit outside activities)

Attire For Pre-K Class:

(Provided) SJV Annual Fun Run t-shirt

Athletic Shorts

Running/Tennis Shoes

Attached to your pledge envelope were several pieces of paper…

1. Permission Slip: Please fill out this sheet, and return to the school ASAP. (I have already received 3)

2. Pledge Form: This is to mail/fax to someone who may want to lend a helping hand in your family, but doesn’t live close.

3. Pledge Envelope (with attached pledge sheet)

The Fun Run Committee asks that each child attempt to raise $50.00 for their classroom. However, each classroom works together to raise an overall goal!


Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? 

Play Performance: Field Trip

November 16, 2016 @ 10:30am

Please be sure to fill out your child’s permission slip, and return it to school by October 1, 2016, with $8.00 ticket fee.


We will also need 3-4 Parent Volunteer Drivers for this field trip.  In order to drive on a field trip, you must follow all necessary steps/rules with Mrs. Christi Kemp in the school office. Also, each child will need to travel in their car seat/booster, per state law.

Subject: Scholastic Reading Club Class Order Due Date is approaching!

Just a friendly reminder that your Reading Club orders are due by 09/23/16. You can place your orders online at using our class activation code: MWZKV

Class Code – MWZKV

Order Due Date – 09/23/16

As always, thank you for your continued support, and until next time…