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Fun with our buddies!

buddies 1 buddies 2 buddies 3 buddies 4 buddies 5 The seventh graders had a great time with their buddies before Easter break.  They shared a snack and had the opportunity to talk about their plans over the break.  Students also had the opportunity to make an Easter craft together.  Buddy time is always special and we all enjoy it!buddies 6

St. John Vianney 5K: Help us spread the word!

As we are counting down the days until our 5K we need your assistance! We would like for you to help us spread the word to the community!

This is really easy to do and only takes a few seconds:

– Go to

-In the upper right hand corner there are social media icons you can click on

-In just a few clicks you can share it on Facebook, pin it, tweet about it, or publicly recommend it from your google account.

-If everyone in our school community took a few seconds to do this we can promote this even to a large amount of people


Thank you!

-Bethany Schwieter

Sentence fun!

We have been working on sentences the past couple weeks. They are doing a wonderful job!



The cat sat on the mat.

The cat sat on the mat.


That cat sat on the hat.


The cat sat on the mat.


The cat sat on the mat.

This week in PreK!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Spring uniforms start on Wednesday!

PreK4 will work on -an words. We will use dry erase boards to create words that end in -an.
PreK3 will continue practicing writing our names with the letters in the correct order. I will introduce lined paper. We will also continue to work on holding our pencils between our fingers.

Our story this week is Seals on the Bus. We will compare the story to the song “Wheels on the Bus” We will list similarities and differences. We will also talk about the difference in fiction and nonfiction.

We will continue working with tangrams to make patterns and copy images. 

We talk more about animals. Last week we were able to watch a baby eagle hatch. We will talk about the needs of the baby animals compared to our needs.

This week we will talk about being safe in our neighborhoods. We will talk about important things to remember when outside. How to cross the street, where to ride our bikes, and other things we can do to stay safe while outside.

This week we will learn about Holy Week. We will also go to Stations of the Cross on Wednesday.

Pre-K Art: Fish ‘n a Bowl Project using watercolor and crayon

IMG_9091 IMG_9092 IMG_9093 IMG_9094 IMG_9095