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Happy Valentine’s Day From Kindergarten

We had a wonderful day !!!


It’s “Party Gras” Time!

Here is our finished product!!  Kindergarten auction item 2018!

100 Days of Kindergarten

We celebrated the 100th day of school!  We had many fun activities revolving around the number 100.  We even made 100 day trail mix.  It sure was yummy!

Look What’s Happening in Kindergarten

Working on our Party Gras auction item!

Look What’s Happening in Kindergarten

We are finally back to a full and normal week.  It looks like the temperature for this week has definitely improved from last week.  However, that being said, please remember to send a coat with your child everyday.  We will be going outside whenever the weather cooperates.  We are also trying to be very diligent about coughing and sneezing into a tissue or our arms and using hand sanitizer regularly to help minimize the spreading of germs.  Let’s stay proactive and healthy!!

Here’s what’s happening in the classroom this week.

MATH – This week we are beginning to tell time to the hour on both digital and analogue clocks. 

SCIENCE – This week we will experiment with and make observations about shadows. 

RELIGION – This week we will be reading the story “he Good Shepherd”.  We will also be taking Rachael’s Challenge.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS – This week we will be decoding 5 new sight words, attaching the /j/ sound to the letter J, the /f/ sound to the letter F, the short /u/ to the letter U, /ks/ to x, and /z/ to Z.  We will read and respond to a decodable and play learning games.  Our story for the week is “Bear Shadow”.

HANDWRITING – This week we will practice the letters s, m, k, w, x, q, p, and h.  We will continue to work on writing our last names correctly.

WRITING WORKSHOP – This week we will be writing about snowflakes.  We will begin to explore the writing process.  We will brainstorm and write one complete sentence about snowflakes.