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Student Service Council

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Congratulations to all of our Student Service Council members!  Speeches were great and we are all looking forward to a great year of service here at SJV and in the community.

Language Arts Update (6th-8th) – September 12th-16th

essay-pictureStudents have read twelve different genres of writing and have determined a theme for each of the articles – providing textual evidence to support their choice.  Students will learn how to use this information correctly to form an essay.  We will discuss the parts of an essay, the parts of a paragraph, plagiarism, citation, and how to write interesting introductory and concluding paragraphs.

Students will test over Unit 1 – Nouns in grammar on Thursday, September 15th.

Students will also be completing and testing over Unit 2 Vocabulary words.

The first independent reading projects have been submitted.  Students should have their second book, and should be determining their next independent reading project.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Roberts

Language Arts Update (6th-8th) – September 5th – 8th

collective noun pictureIn case you are wondering…the collective noun for a group of crows is a murder…

In grammar, we have just finished testing over Unit 1 and will begin Unit 2 – focusing on nouns.  Students will look at the different types of nouns and the different uses for nouns.  We will discuss collective nouns and how to determine if they are singular are plural, how to make nouns possessive, and how to make nouns plural.  We will also review singular/plural nouns, concrete/abstract nouns, and common/proper nouns.

All grades have tested on Vocabulary Unit 1 as well.  The lists for Unit 2 are on , and your child should be reviewing the words nightly.  They all have a sheet in the back of their Language Arts binders that explain what each night entails – including extra credit work (which must be turned in with the homework on the day assigned).

We will continue looking at theme in Literature.  Students will be reading first-person accounts, dramatizations, and informational texts – finding a theme and textual evidence for each article they read.  They will compile all of their information and will be writing a paper shortly.

We will do journals in writing this week – students will respond to questions after watching a video related to the questions.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at any time.

Mrs. Roberts

Social Studies Update


13 colonies

Our 8th grade class has started an exciting project!  They will be creating a private youtube  video.  The somewhat animated video will teach the class about the Revolutionary War and the creation of our country.

5th grade is also learning about the early colonists.  They will begin Colonial Trade projects this week as well!

6th grade is moving along through Ancient Civilizations.  We are currently learning about Mesopotamia and the Babylonian and Assyrian civilizations.

7th grade has completed their Geography review.  We are now learning about all of the different aspects of culture.  This will help the students better understand all of the country projects we will present throughout the year!

Language Arts Update (6th -8th) – August 29 – September 2

picture for postThis week in literature, we will continue focusing on theme.  Students will be reading several different genres with the same theme.  Students will be selecting proof from each reading to be used later to write about the theme in all of the selections.  This week, the selections will be:  Narrative non-fiction, primary documents, letters, info graphics, realistic fiction and first-person account.

In grammar, students will test over Unit 1, and then we will begin looking at nouns and all of their uses.

We will finish and test on Vocabulary Unit 1 and begin Vocabulary Unit 2.

This week, we will also do a collaborative writing exercise – allowing students to build a story together.  I’m sure they will be interesting and entertaining!  I may have to share a few.

Students will also continue working on their independent reading projects – the first one will be due on Thursday, September 8th for 8th grade and Friday, September 9 for 6th and 7th grade.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Roberts