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Language Arts Update (6th – 8th) – April 20-24

writing clipartSeventh and Eighth grade students will continue working on research papers this week.  They will be using the first few days to create notecards by either directly quoting, summarizing, or paraphrasing information from their sources.  We will then put this information together to create fluent paragraphs with transitions.  At the end of the week, students will review diagramming.

Sixth grade students will begin the week by writing a narrative.  Students will incorporate all of the elements of a story and will include properly punctuated dialogue.  Students will end the week presenting a process analysis speech.

Students will complete Vocabulary Unit 10 this week and will test on Friday.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Roberts

Spanish Classes for the Week of April 20, 2015

Here’s what is planned for Spanish classes this week:

Pre-K:  We will reinforce number vocabulary by reading Count on Culebra, by Ann Whitford Paul.

Kindergarten:  We will introduce some birthday party vocabulary while reading Fiesta Fiasco by Ann Whitford Paul.

First Grade:  We will play a game on to practice our number and color vocabulary.

Second Grade:  We will finish up our project on expressing our likes and dislikes in Spanish (the verb “gustar), and discuss the Spanish alphabet.

Third Grade:  We will finish up our work on verbs this week.

Fourth Grade:  We continue Lesson 9 in our textbook discussing basic verb conjugation in Spanish.

Fifth Grade:  We will review estar and the differences between it and ser in preparation for a short quiz on Thursday, April 23.  Students should be able to conjugate the verb estar in the present tense, and decide which verb should be used in a given sentence.

Sixth Grade:  We are working on vocabulary for foods, as well as relating to eating out and shopping.  There is a quiz on Unit 5 Vocabulary on Thursday, April 23.

Seventh Grade:  We have a Unit 4 Test on Monday, April 20.  7th grade will not have Spanish class on Wednesday due to their field trip.

Eighth Grade:  We will review verbs with irregular yo forms, stem-changing verbs, and basic paragraph writing this week.

Please remember that all extra credit projects for grades 5-8 are due no later than the last class meeting in April.

This Week in Middle School Math

5th: In fifth grade we are graphing points on a coordinate grid. Students are looking forward to playing coordinate grid battleship on Monday! We will then use function tables to graph linear equations. We will have a test on Friday.

6th: In sixth grade we are finishing up our chapter on square roots. We have a quiz on Tuesday. We will then start solving multiple step equations.

7th: In seventh grade we are simplifying polynomials. We will have a test at the beginning of next week.

8th: In algebra we are starting the week off with a math test. We will then begin reviewing all 6 types of functions we have learned to graph. We will have a test over this next Monday. Graphing books are due next Monday as well.

5K Results

Thank you everyone who came out to run the 5K! Results can be found here:


Join us for the Art & Music Show Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 5-7 in the gym!