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Spanish Class Update 9/18/15

que pasa

Hola!  Spanish classes have been going very well!

Elementary students have an update on AscendSMS following our Friday Spanish classes each week.  Please see your daily notification email for details of what we do each week in class.

Middle School students have all been working on verbs, at various levels.  Each class (5-8) will have a quiz on Monday, September 28:

  • 5th Grade:  Subject Pronouns
  • 6th Grade:  Subject Pronouns and the irregular verb “ser”
  • 7th Grade:  Present tense conjugations of regular -er/-ir verbs
  • 8th Grade:  Conjugating Irregular Verbs (ir, dar, estar, ser, tener)

We also have a 5 word vocabulary quiz each Wednesday.

Any middle school student who would like any extra help or tutoring should see Mrs. McCormick during recess.

Also, if you are looking for a recap lesson to re-explain something we learned in class, you might look at the following website:  It has many videos on various topics of grammar and vocabulary.



Student Government 2015-2016

IMG_3222 IMG_3250 IMG_3251

Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Student Government!

President: Jacqueline Scovel; Vice President: Alonso Angel

Secretary: John Cassman; Treasurer: Ben Raybourne

Class Representatives: Michael Hernandez, Brennan Borchert, Jayla Ousley, William Cox, Delaney Bilbrey, Braden Raybourne, Jake Thompson

They all did a great job on their speeches and campaign posters!

Music and Technology News for the Middle School Students

This week…

5th: We learn the names of the treble clef notes in Music and continue working on in Technology

6th: We learn the different symbols on printed music in Music and continue working on in Technology

7th: We begin looking at note names and durations in Music and continue working on in Technology

8th: We continue sight-singing in Music and working on in Technology

This Week in Middle School Math

5.) In fifth grade we are working on division. We have a test (tentatively) scheduled for Friday.

6.) In sixth grade we are working on decimals. We will review all four operations with decimals and then use decimals to write numbers in scientific notation and convert measurements in the metric system.

7.) In seventh grade we are working on rational numbers. We will add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers.

8.) In eighth grade we are finishing up linear functions. We will have a test on Thursday.

Language Arts Update (6th-8th) – September 14-18

pic for postThis week we will begin by testing in Literature.  Students will test over the reading strategies of monitoring comprehension, making connections and visualization.  Students will also be tested over personal narratives and other notes taken in Literature.  The test for all grades will be on Monday, September 14th.

Students will also complete a test on Tuesday, September 15 over Unit 2 Vocabulary.

We will also be working on punctuating dialogue and will begin looking more closely at nouns (common and proper, concrete and abstract, compound, plurals, and possessives).

We will continue doing daily paragraph editing and daily reading comprehension.  We will also discuss the word “infer” and what it means.

We will complete our personal narratives and will begin looking at expository nonfiction.  We will also begin Unit 3 Vocabulary.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me!

Mrs. Roberts