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Student Government at Ronald McDonald House


Students Government did a wonderful job representing SJV at the Pull-tab Party at the Ronald McDonald House in Nashville on Friday.  Thank you to all of the students that participated in bringing in pull tabs!

Language Arts Update (6th -8th) – November 7-11

Students will begin the week testing over pronouns. They will move directly to Adjectives and Adverbs.  Students will learn how to use adjectives and adverbs This unit will focus on recognizing proper adjectives, using articles and demonstratives, creating comparative and superlative forms, telling adjectives and adverbs apart, and avoiding double negatives.

Students will turn in their final Expository Essays on Monday, November 21, and they have a schedule for completing the final draft for each part.

All grades will continue their classroom reading books as well as independent reading books and projects.

We will test over Unit 5 vocabulary and will begin Unit 6.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Roberts

Buddy Time

buddies1 buddies2 buddies3 buddies4

The 8th grade got to spend time with their buddies!  Together they created turkeys that will decorate Thanksgiving boxes given to those in need.  We also played games, read books, and played with Legos!

Holocaust Speaker

fieldtrip1 fieldtrip2

The 8th grade had a great time on their field trip to the Jewish Community Center, along with the special exhibit and speaker provided by the Tennessee Holocaust Commission.  It was a moving experience.  Thank you to Mr. Zimmerman that made the trip possible!

Language Arts Update (6th-8th) – October 31 – November 4

colour-plot-diagramStudents will begin to look more closely at the parts of a story.  Using plot diagrams (story-telling arcs), students will break down songs and short stories to better understand each part.

Students will continue their study of pronouns with a test coming around the middle of next week.

Students will be wrapping up and testing on Unit 5 Vocabulary by the end of the week (or Monday of next week -depending on the test calendar).  They should be working on exercises each night – and should be doing extra credit as well!

Students will continue reading their in-class readings as well as their independent reading books!  Projects are due on Friday, November 14th.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Roberts