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I’m a poet and didn’t know it….


Students have been reading the poems of Robert Frost and Langston Hughes in Poetry Park (Enrichment Room).  They have also had the opportunity to write some of their own original works.  They have composed haiku, cinquain, diamante, and acrostic poems.  Here are a few….


   Bees are crazy fun.

       Bees are buzzing in the trees.

      Bees have stung me, “Ouch”!

                                                                                    — Haiku by Brennon LeCave

                            Friend                                                                                        Sea

                   Kind         Sweet                                                                       Wet   Smooth

       Caring       Loving      Giving                                                  Wavy    Light  Strange

 Happy       Joy         Tears      Misery                          Colorful   Beautiful   Ugly  Blank

      Hating          Lying         Crying                                            Ordinary   Flat    Dark

              Broken          Apart                                                                     Dry    Bumpy

                       Enemy                                                                                        Land

   Diamante by Sheridan Creasy                                      Diamante by Julia Hutt       

Proud of our country

Seventh and Eighth grade students are participating in the VFW sponsored writing contest, Patriot’s Pen.  Students will use the topic “Are You Proud of Your Country” to compose a 300-400 word essay.  The nationwide competition gives students the opportunity to win up to a $10,000 savings bond.


Spanish Test on Thursday, September 8

There will be a Spanish Test on Thursday, September 8.  Students received a study guide on Thursday, September 1.  We will review in class on Tuesday, September 6, and as I’ve told the students, I am available in my office during recess most days if students have a question or would like some one-on-one help.