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Uniform Sale at SJV – March 14, 2016

Dennis Sale March 2016-page-001

Language Arts Update (6th-8th) March 7-11

sources picStudents will begin Unit 9 in their Vocabulary workbooks – they should have a test either Monday, March 14 or Tuesday, March 15.  The test information will be in their agendas.

Students will also begin looking closely at adjectives and the purposes they serve.

Sixth grade will be finishing their in-class reading, Flipped.  Seventh grade will begin The Odyssey and eighth grade will begin, Beowulf. 

All students will also have an independent reading project (Characterization) due on Friday, March 18th.

All grades will begin looking at how to determine reliable internet sources and how to narrow down searches – this information will be used for upcoming writings and research papers.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Roberts

This Week in Middle School Math

5: In fifth grade we are finishing up studying geometry. We will have a test on Wednesday. We will then move on to graphs, charts, and measures of central tendency.

6: In sixth grade we are finishing up probability. We will have a test on Wednesday. We will then move on to graphs, charts, and measures of central tendency.

7: In seventh grade we are working on graphs and charts. Students will be assigned a project to begin working on.

8: In algebra we are finishing up rational functions. We will have a test on Tuesday. We will then move on to radical functions.

Students Government

students government packs

Students Government would like to thank all of the students and faculty for your tremendous support in our food packs program.  We collected enough food to make 105 food packs for Sumner County students! (That is 25 more than last year!). Great Job SJV!

Middle School Social Studies

assembly line 1 assembly line 2 assembly line

In 5th grade we are learning about the second industrial revolution, discussing all of the wonderful inventions and immigrants coming to America.  Above we are learning how much faster you can create a product using an assembly line! We are also starting our Biztown unit today!

In 6th grade we are finishing up our unit on Ancient Arabia.  Next we will start our unit on Biztown.  This is their last year, so hopefully they have a great time! In our books we will begin learning about Ancient Europe!

7th grade is finishing up the last region in Modern World Studies: South America.  The students are creating murals and poems to teach the class about their country; pictures to come! Next we move on to Tennessee History!

In 8th grade we are finishing up our unit on the second industrial revolution and immigration.  We will next discuss Imperialism and foreign affairs that lead up to WWI.