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Language Arts Update (6th -8th) – August 29 – September 2

picture for postThis week in literature, we will continue focusing on theme.  Students will be reading several different genres with the same theme.  Students will be selecting proof from each reading to be used later to write about the theme in all of the selections.  This week, the selections will be:  Narrative non-fiction, primary documents, letters, info graphics, realistic fiction and first-person account.

In grammar, students will test over Unit 1, and then we will begin looking at nouns and all of their uses.

We will finish and test on Vocabulary Unit 1 and begin Vocabulary Unit 2.

This week, we will also do a collaborative writing exercise – allowing students to build a story together.  I’m sure they will be interesting and entertaining!  I may have to share a few.

Students will also continue working on their independent reading projects – the first one will be due on Thursday, September 8th for 8th grade and Friday, September 9 for 6th and 7th grade.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Roberts


Middle School Social Studies


Middle school students have been doing lots of fun stuff in Social Studies so far this year!  I have implemented GEOGUESSER, into my curriculum, and the kids love it!  Ask them to show you on a computer!  It is a fun and educational game using prior knowledge, problem solving skills, and the environment around you.  For 5th and 7th grades we are reviewing our geography skills for the first few weeks.  6th grade has been learning about the Paleolithic Era through cave art and maps.  8th grade has started the year with the 13 Colonies.  We move to the Revolutionary War starting next week!

Physical Education

IMG_4479 IMG_4481



We have started off the year in PE class with great participation! PreK-2nd grades have been learning balance and coordination using  balloons, beanbags, and hula hoops!

3rd -8th grade are learning warm-up skills and calisthenics, along with playing active fun games, like trash-ball and capture the flag.  They are working on teamwork and strategy!

Don’t Miss Back to School Night – August 25 – 6-8 pm

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Middle School Spanish Update – August 23

que pasa

We are off to a great start in middle school Spanish this year!  All classes will have their first vocabulary quiz on Wednesday, August 24.

In fifth grade, we have been learning about definite articles and singular and plural nouns.

In sixth grade, we have reviewed numbers 1-60, how to write the date, and will begin telling time this week.  I anticipate a quiz on telling time on Wednesday, August 31, but will gauge the students’ readiness and move the quiz date, if necessary.

In seventh grade, we have reviewed subject pronouns, the irregular verb ser, and agreement in nouns, adjectives and articles.

In eighth grade, we reviewed definite and indefinite articles, subject pronouns, and are now working on conjugating regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the present tense.  Look for a quiz on the latter next Wednesday, August 31.

Have a great week!

~Mrs. McCormick