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Posts from the ‘Grade 6’ Category

Spanish Test on Thursday, September 8

There will be a Spanish Test on Thursday, September 8.  Students received a study guide on Thursday, September 1.  We will review in class on Tuesday, September 6, and as I’ve told the students, I am available in my office during recess most days if students have a question or would like some one-on-one help.

“Retell a Fairy Tale” Project

How can you become a more creative writer?  Just use your ABC’s.  Students in 5th and 6th grade are currently building their creative writing skills doing just this.  Using this strategy, students will learn how not to write monotonous sentences, but begin understanding that they CAN be exciting writers.  Students need to summarize their chosen fairy tale in 26 sentences.  They should then start retelling the story….the first sentence beginning with “A”, the second sentence with “B” and so on.  Students should have their rough-draft ready on Wednesday, September 7 to be transferred into book form.