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This Week in Fourth Grade!

This week the spotlight is on Jordan. We are excited to learn more about him! Here’s what’s happening this week:

Math: This week in Math we will be working with using map scales, as well as starting on some subtraction. We will continue to work with our multiplication facts as well as begin working on subtraction facts.

Reading: This week we are reading What Rot! Nature’s Great Recycler. We will be focusing on telling the difference between facts and opinions as we continue to examine the cycle of life in nature.

Language Arts: In Grammar this week, we will be learning about colons and semicolons, compound subjects, and the use of commas. Our Spelling words this week are antonyms. We are also working on our instructional writing pieces.

Science: In Science this week we are starting chapter 4: Human Body Systems. We will begin by talking about the skeletal and muscular systems as well as the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Social Studies: We will continue to learn about the Southwest region of the United states, its resources and climate. We will be learning about the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

Religion: As we continue our chapter on Abraham and Sarah, we will learn about Abraham’s sacrifice in the land of Canaan. We will also learn this week about the difference between praise to God and prayer to Mary and the saints, focusing on the concept of intercession. On Friday, All Saints Day, we will pay particular attention to all the Saints who have helped to build and spread the Church.

Important Dates:

10/31       Pep Rally 8-9am

10/31       Fun Run tshirt day

11/1          All School Mass (All Saints Day)

11/1         Winter Uniform begins


Thank you for all you do!!

4th Grade ART Class Print Making with Fall Theme

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This Week in Fourth Grade!

Welcome back to school! I hope your break was fun and relaxing! We have a very fun week ahead of us! The spotlight is on Maddy this week. We are looking forward to learning more about her! Here’s what’s happening this week:

Math: This week we will be learning about several different things: estimating sums of two- and three-digit numbers, different ways to write the time, and multiplying by 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000. We will be having an assessment on Thursday over the things we’ve been learning recently! We will also be having the previously announced Fact Test on Wednesday. It will cover the same basic multiplication facts found on our trials from previous weeks. Keep practicing those facts!

Reading: This week we are reading Energy Makes Things Happen and learning about different types of energy. We will also continue to explore Latin roots and the ways that prefixes and suffixes change their meanings.

Language Arts: We will be starting our instructional narrative pieces this week. We will each write instructions on how to complete a task of our choice.  In Grammar we will learn about pronouns, types of sentences, and how to use quotation marks. Our spelling words this week contain roots and affixes. Make sure you study those words!

Science: This week will finish up chapter 3! We will begin reviewing on Thursday, and have our Chapter 3 test on Tuesday, October 22nd. We will finish up the chapter by learning about pollination and the plant life cycle!

Religion: In Religion this week we will continue learning about Abram and Sarai. We will also explore the seven Sacraments! On Thursday, we have the privilege of attending the Living Rosary with the student body!


Important Dates:

10/16        Fun Run Assembly 2:15pm

10/17       All School Mass

10/17        Living Rosary 2:15pm

10/18        Parent-Teacher Conferences

10/21        Red Ribbon Week Begins!

10/21        SJV CIA Meeting 6-7pm (hosted by 7th grade)

10/24        All School Mass



Red Ribbon Week Activities

Red Ribbon Week – October 21-25     “A Healthy Me is Drug Free”

Monday 10/21    Be On A Drug Free Team” - The students may weaar their favorite team shirt/jersey with jeans, white socks and white tennis shoes.

Tuesday 10/22     “Put A Cap On Drugs” - All students may wear their favorite cap/hat along with their regular school uniform. (Middle school may wear then after Mass).

Wednesday 10/23     “Sock It To Drugs” - All students may wear crazy socks with their regular school uniform.

Thursday 10/24     Door decorating/locker decorating contest (at the end of the day).

Friday 10/25     “Wear Red Day” - The students may wear jeans, a red shirt, and white socks and white tennis shoes.  This will alos be Fall Party day!

Fun Run Snapshots

Image5255 Image5256 Image6014 Image6019 Image6020 Image6023 Image6025 Image6045 Image6062 Image6067 Image6068 Image6069 Image6077 Image6078 Image6095 Image6098 Image6100 Image6104 Image6105 Image6107 Image6108 Image6109 Image6158 Image6168 Image6172 Image6187 - Copy