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October 12-16


What’s happening this week:

We will begin an ecosystem book. Your child will be given an ecosystem to research. Work will be done on the book during class time. Some research will be here at school, but a lot of it will have to be done at home. They will also be given a rubric of how it will be scored and specific guidelines of how it should look.

During this time, we will not have a reading story since we will be using various reading skills to complete the book. Your child will be given the book Sleepy Hollow Sleepover.   They will read this over a two -week period, and the students will create a book report at the end of this time. They will be given specific directions for the book report.

Spelling – homographs


record          project          produce          minute         resent

wound         excuse          contest            close              present

object          extract          compress         resort           console

address       perfect          dove                  upset            defect

English – Nouns

Soc. St. – Continuation of “What is history?”

Religion – God’s people suffer in Egypt

Science – Ecosystem Project

Math – Assessment 4 Wednesday

September 28 – October 2

What’s happening this week:

Vocabulary – release, eventually, energy, fuels, stored, contains, transferred, soar

Spelling – words with Latin origins

predict               dictate               diction               dictation

describe             subscribe          scribble             transcribe

report                 import               export               support

infer                    referral             transferred       defer

creates               creation             creative            creature

English – Nouns

Soc. St. – What is history?

Religion – The people of Israel go to Egypt.

Science – Energy

Math – Place value, even/odd, commutative property within multiplication.

September 22 – 25

What’s happening this week:

Vocabulary – raging, jagged, particles, reservoir, irrigation, flowed, glacier

Spelling – words with Greek origins

pathetic           empathy          pathos                 prehistoric          historic

history             historian         democracy           academy             demography

pandemic        epidermis       dermatology        dermis                cardiology

cardiac            homophone     microphone         telephone           phonic

English – Unit 1 test Thursday

Soc. St. – Founding Documents and Branches of Government Test Wednesday

Religion – Joseph Goes to Egypt

Math – Multiplication



Spanish Class Update 9/18/15

que pasa

Hola!  Spanish classes have been going very well!

Elementary students have an update on AscendSMS following our Friday Spanish classes each week.  Please see your daily notification email for details of what we do each week in class.

Middle School students have all been working on verbs, at various levels.  Each class (5-8) will have a quiz on Monday, September 28:

  • 5th Grade:  Subject Pronouns
  • 6th Grade:  Subject Pronouns and the irregular verb “ser”
  • 7th Grade:  Present tense conjugations of regular -er/-ir verbs
  • 8th Grade:  Conjugating Irregular Verbs (ir, dar, estar, ser, tener)

We also have a 5 word vocabulary quiz each Wednesday.

Any middle school student who would like any extra help or tutoring should see Mrs. McCormick during recess.

Also, if you are looking for a recap lesson to re-explain something we learned in class, you might look at the following website:  It has many videos on various topics of grammar and vocabulary.



Art Class Update for 2nd – 4th Grades

2nd grade-4th grade 2 2nd grade-4th grade

Here are pictures of what the 2nd – 4th graders did over the summer!  See if you can spot yours!