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Thank You from the SJV Student Council




The SJV Student Council would like to pass along these words of thanks to all families who helped them feed hungry children in Sumner County!Student Council Thank you 2015 001

Iowa Assessment Week

We have finally finished our Iowa Assessments! We are glad to be finished, and I am very proud of the students’ hard work throughout this week, especially with the “speed bump” we encountered with the snow on Thursday and Friday! We managed to have some fun last week, separating the tests with “brain breaks.” Some of these were little games we played together, and some were “Minute to Win It” games (from the TV gameshow) that challenged us a little bit physically instead of mentally!

Our first Minute to Win It game was called “A Bit Loopy,” where students had to hold a popsicle stick in their mouths and balance 6 fruit loops on the end of it. Try it at home; it’s not as easy as it looks! IMG_2617     IMG_2615     IMG_2618



The next Minute to Win It game was called “Noodling Around,” during which students had to hold a spaghetti noodle in their mouths and, without touching any of them with their hands, string 6 penne noodles into the spaghetti noodle! This one was tricky, but many of us were successful!

IMG_2630     IMG_2631     IMG_2638


On Wednesday, we played “M&M Smile.” Students had to pick up M&Ms by sucking through a straw. They then had to move the M&Ms into a smile pattern on a paper towel. This one was much easier, and provided a nice break for us mid-week!

IMG_2642     IMG_2643     IMG_2655     IMG_2656



These games were great fun this week! Feel free to try them at home, or ask about the other “brain breaks” we used! Hope you all enjoyed your four-day weekend! We look forward to a great four-day week to finish out the quarter!

SJV Wildcat 5K – Coming Soon!

The SJV Wildcat 5K will be here before you know it!  We are still looking for sponsors for this event, specifically at the $250 Mile Sponsorship level (2 more needed), the $150 T-shirt Sponsorship level, as well as in-kind sponsors of food for the finish line, paper cups for the aide station, and gift cards for door prizes.

Many thanks to those who have already committed to sponsoring us for 2015:

Sponsor Thank you Poster-page-0We also encourage you to sign up to participate in the race prior to our pre-registration deadline of March 27, 2015.  By doing this, you will save money, and will be guaranteed a race shirt.  Please mail in the form below, or register online at

 2015 5K Registration


ITBS Testing Preparation

Next week we will be taking the Iowa Assessment standardized tests. Your child will be tested over many subjects throughout the week. Testing will take place in the morning of each day, and educational activities and review will take place in the afternoons. There will be no tests, quizzes, or homework assigned during this week of testing. In addition, our specials schedule has changed. Instead of having PE on Tuesday and Thursday, PE will be only on Thursday. As the IOWA tests approach , it’s important to remember how crucial it is for your child to be rested and ready each day next week! Please remember to make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and a filling breakfast before each school day! Being rested and full will help your child focus and not get tired or distracted during the tests. Thank you for your help in creating a successful testing week!

4th Grade ART: Puffy Presidential License Plates

IMG_8729 IMG_8728