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3/14 – 3/18


3/14 – 3/18
Reading: Immigrant Children: mainland, yearning, translated, translate, wages, strikes, dreaded
wages, salary, pay, income, dreaded, feared, weird, strange, unusual, color,

hue, shade, problem, concern, trouble, crisis, border, edge, boundary, limit

Social Studies: Revolutionary War – Test on Pocket 2 by Friday

Math: Continue to memorize multiplication facts

Science: Sound

Uniform Sale at SJV – March 14, 2016

Dennis Sale March 2016-page-001

This week in Elementary Art:

This week:

Pre-K will finish their pots of gold coloring sheets and mount them on green construction paper in time for St. Patrick’s Day

Kindergarten and 1st grades will use soft pastels to draw landscapes to help them identify horizon lines

1st and 2nd grades will turn their Kandinsky themed paper plates into circular looms

Students Government

students government packs

Students Government would like to thank all of the students and faculty for your tremendous support in our food packs program.  We collected enough food to make 105 food packs for Sumner County students! (That is 25 more than last year!). Great Job SJV!

2/29 – 3/4

2/29 – 3/4
Reading: The Golden Spike: buzzing, hastily, ceremony, transcontinental, laborers, assistance, thrive, locomotives
chronic, chronology, chronicle, biome, biology, bionic, biography, energy, energetic, hydrate, hydrogen, hydrant, thermal, thermometer, thermostat, monarch, architect, type, typical, prototype

Social Studies: Revolutionary War – Test on pocket 1.

Math: Continue to memorize multiplication facts

Science: The Atmosphere

We will be going to The Compassion Experience in Lebanon on March 7. There will be no cost and permission slips will go out Monday.