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Composition and Cursive Writing Packets

Today in class your child received a math computation packet and a cursive writing packet to work on. Each of these packets is meant not to introduce new information, but to reinforce and provide practice with previously-learned skills.


The computation packet contains practice problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factoring, and equivalent fractions. This packet is due April 24th. If your child completes 5 problems each school day between now and April 24th, he or she will be able to finish the packet with no problem! Of course, your child is free to complete the packet at whatever pace he or she chooses, as long as it is completed by April 24th! The students also know that they are free to work on their packet during class if they finish early and are waiting for others to finish an activity. The packet should be kept in your child’s binder and brought to school each day. In May, another packet will be assigned and collected before the end of the year. This packet provides crucial practice in computation which students don’t get on a daily basis, since our Math lessons vary from week to week. By continuously working on computation, your child will gain confidence in computation and maintain or even improve his or her skill level!

Similarly, the cursive writing packet reinforces cursive writing skills that have been previously taught. This packet focuses on a few key letters that often give students trouble and provides practice writing words and sentences. The purpose of this packet is to give your child practice in cursive writing, while improving handwriting and making your child feel more comfortable with cursive. There are pages for tracing and writing, as well as pages for just writing without doing any tracing. Since this packet is smaller and won’t take as much time, it is due on April 2nd. After Easter, another packet will be assigned focusing on different letters and words.

Both of these packets will be collected for a grade, so students have been reminded to focus on getting them done correctly rather than getting them done quickly!


Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for all you do!

This Week in Fourth Grade!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a nice, relaxing Spring Break and are ready to begin a great 4th quarter! We are back to our normal specials schedule, so we will have PE on Tuesday and Thursday as usual! Here’s what’s going on this week:

Math: This week we will be doing a mini-unit on geometry! We will be talking about similar and congruent polygons, naming polygons, classifying special quadrilaterals and triangles, and naming and drawing 3D geometric solids! We will be having a Geometry quiz Monday, March 30th. Look for more information about the quiz later this week!

Reading: Our selection this week is called How Fast Do You Eat Your Ice Cream? and highlights the process of conducting and publishing an article. It might just inspire us to do our own ice cream investigations! The vocabulary terms this week are pace, common, previous, major, randomly, publication, questionnaire, and rejected.

Language Arts: We are continuing our study of adverbs this week by finding them in written work and comparing them to adjectives. We will have an Adjective and Adverb quiz on Friday, March 27th.

Science: This week we will finish our study of the ocean! In lieu of a chapter exam, we will have a graded chapter review on Thursday, March 26th. This review will take the place of a normal chapter test, but will not be taken as a test grade. On Friday, we will begin to look at types of rock and how they are formed! This exciting investigation will carry on next week!

Social Studies: We will have a Landforms Quiz on Thursday, March 25th. This quiz will cover various types of landforms we began to study before Spring Break! We will also continue in our BizTown curriculum, moving from the financial literacy portion to the community portion. We will look into the circular flow of an economy and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship!

Religion: This week we will be celebrating the Annunciation with All School Mass on Wednesday, March 25th. We will also be learning about the first three of the Ten Commandments. We will have a short quiz over these three commandments on Monday, March 30th. 

Spelling: Our spelling words this week are compound words: everyone, sideways, laptop, playground, bathtub, swimsuit, mailbox, goldfish, upstairs, blueberry, heartbeat, teaspoon, popcorn, birthday, fireplace, keyboard, yearbook, rainbow, wheelchair, and townhouse. The bonus word this week is geometry!


Important Dates:

3/25          All School Mass- the Feast of the Annunciation. Students should be in Mass uniforms

3/26         No All School Mass- students do not need to wear Mass uniforms on this day

3/27         Last day for discounted pre-registration for the 5K/1 mile kids’ dash on Saturday, April 18th

3/27         School Play, 6pm in the gym

3/28         School Play, 1pm in the gym

4/2           Holy Thursday, 11:30 am dismissal

4/3          Good Friday, No School

4/6          Easter Monday, No School

4/12-13     BizTown field trip for grades 4-6


Thank you for all you do!!

Spanish Classes for the Week of March 23, 2015

Welcome back from Spring Break!  Here’s what is planned for Spanish classes this week:

Pre-K through 2nd Grade:  We will have abbreviated Spanish classes this week due to All-School Mass on Wednesday.  We will only have time to complete our normal conversation routine, along with calendar and weather.

3rd Grade & 4th Grade:  We got back into our Spanish routine after a few weeks off for ITBS Testing.  In both classes, we continued our normal conversation and calendar routines.  In third grade we also reviewed some vocabulary from third quarter by playing hangman, and in fourth grade, we began Lesson 8, discussing how to tell time.

5th Grade:  We will do a quick review of our Lesson 10 vocabulary and the verb ser before starting Lesson 11 and conjugating regular -ir verbs.

6th Grade:  We are finishing up Unit 4, with a brief lesson on the Spanish word “de” and contraction “del.”  We will conclude the unit with some reading comprehension practice.

7th Grade:  We will learn how to conjugate regular -ar verbs in the preterite tense.  There will be a quiz on this topic on Monday, March 30.

8th Grade:  This quarter we will review all Spanish concepts covered, in preparation for the comprehensive Spanish exam in May, which will also prepare students to take the high school Spanish placement exam.

SJV Wildcat 5K – Registration Still Open

Our races are this Saturday, April 18 at 8:00 am.  You are still welcome to register online, or the morning of the event from 7:00 – 7:30.  This is a fun morning where families can have fun and enjoy a healthy activity while supporting SJV!  Please join us, and invite your friends and neighbors as well.  Walkers are welcome too!  2015 5K Registration

Thank You from the SJV Student Council




The SJV Student Council would like to pass along these words of thanks to all families who helped them feed hungry children in Sumner County!Student Council Thank you 2015 001