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1-4th grade Music: Students reviewed rhythm and mood of music

Students played a modified version of “Musical Chairs” this week while listening to different classical songs.  They had to move to the rhythm and compare/contrast the sounds.  Students listened to: “Peter’s Theme” from Peter and The Wolf, Brahms “Lullaby,” Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain,” and Aaron Copland’s “Hoe-Down.”

Elementary Art Decorating Mr. Turkey with thanks!


Spanish Classes through Thanksgiving

As there will only be one day of Spanish classes the week of Thanksgiving, the following post will include that day with plans for this week.

Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade:  We will learn Thanksgiving-related vocabulary this week, as these classes won’t have Spanish the week of Thanksgiving.

Third and Fourth Grade:  We will be working the next two weeks on learning the words to Spanish Silent Night – “Noche de Paz” – for our Christmas program coming up next month.

Fifth Grade:  We are going to spend the next few classes practicing our reading skills in Spanish, as well as answering comprehension questions about what we read.

Sixth Grade:  We are finishing up Unit 2 this week, and have a test scheduled for November 24.

Seventh Grade:  We have begun Unit 2, and will have a Vocabulary quiz on November 24.  In the meanwhile, we will review the verbs ser and estar, both the conjugations, and the uses of both verbs.

Eighth Grade:  We have finished our discussion of adjectives and adverbs with a quiz on November 17.  Our next topic will be the review of the preterite verb tense.

Art 4th Grade: Diocese of Nashville Christmas Card Contest

Fourth students participated in the annual Christmas card art competition that the Catholic Schools Office sponsors as a way to showcase student artwork to the various local, regional, and national contacts that receive the Diocese of Nashville Christmas card each year.

IMG_7509 IMG_7510 IMG_7511 IMG_7512 IMG_7513 IMG_7514 IMG_7515 IMG_7516

Spanish Classes for the Week of November 10, 2014

Here’s what is planned this week in Spanish classes:

Pre-K:  We will continue learning the Spanish words for various animals.

Kindergarten:  We are working on our Spanish months of the year.

First Grade:  We will finish up our work on the Spanish color words this week.

Second Grade:  We are playing Spanish color bingo to finish our review of these words.

Third Grade:  We will finish discussing gender of nouns this week.

Fourth Grade:  We are still working on our Spanish words for parts of the body.

Fifth Grade:  We are reviewing for a test on Lessons 6 and 7, which will be Thursday, November 13.

Sixth Grade:  We continue our work on the irregular Spanish verb “tener,” possessive adjectives, and reading comprehension this week.

Seventh Grade:  We will take our Unit 1 test on Monday this week, and begin Unit 2 vocabulary on Thursday.

Eighth Grade:  We will be finishing up our discussion of adjectives and adverbs this week, in preparation for a quiz on Lesson 5 on 11/17.

Have a wonderful week!