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September 9 – 11

We will have a lot packed into this short week.

Vocabulary – obviously, recalled, merriment, tangled, gnawing, miserable, cover, circumstances

Spelling – suffixes -ly, -tion, -sion, -ous, -able

angrily        location            promotion        famous           precision

basically     memorable      easily                conclusion      solvable

erosion        attention         decision            usable             courteous

envious        gracious           luckily              flammable     pollution

English – combining sentences/ run-on sentences

Science – Chapter Review will be due Friday

Soc. St.  – Weather/Climate  Natural Resources

Religion – God prepares the people for a savior.

Math – Assessment 2 on Thursday


Working Hard at Cross Country

The cross country team has been working hard this year! After practice on Thursday the kids were showing me how tired they were and I snapped a few pictures. Want to see the Wildcats in action?  We will run at Overbrook School on September 13, 20, 17 and October 4.

IMG_0088 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0096 IMG_0098 IMG_0101

Spanish Classes – Week of August 31, 2015



In Elementary Spanish Classes, grades PK through 3, we have been practicing our basic conversation skills and numbers in Spanish.



como te va red



In 4th grade Spanish, we are using a basic textbook to start the transition to more academically rigorous Spanish lessons that will begin in 5th grade.  We began the Spanish alphabet last week and will continue talking through the letters and letter sounds this week.




All 1st through 4th grade Spanish classes also complete the Spanish calendar every week, including counting the days in Spanish, knowing the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, and weather. Please see your child’s daily AscendSMS notification each Friday for specific comments on what was covered in Elementary School Spanish that day.


Spanish_Vocabulary_Logo-349x1455th-8th grade Spanish classes continue to receive 5 vocabulary flashcards per class, and have a 5 word quiz every Wednesday.  Students should be practicing words daily to learn and retain these words.  It is also important that students have some sort of container to keep their cards (a pencil pouch in the Spanish binder works great!).

Other concepts we are covering in Middle School Spanish right now include:

  • 5th Grade – Definite Articles, Masculine vs. Feminine & Singular vs. Plural nouns & adjectives.
  • 6th Grade – Telling Time in Spanish (quiz on Wednesday)
  • 7th Grade – Conjugating regular -ar verbs in the present tense (quiz on Wednesday)
  • 8th Grade – Conjugating regular -ar, -er, and -ir verbs in the present tense; Writing sentences in the affirmative and negative; Forming questions

PADRE NUESTRO COLORPrayer recitation is also part of the Spanish curriculum.  We will recite the following in Spanish at each grade level:

1st & 2nd grade:  Sign of the Cross (will begin after Fall Break)

3rd & 4th grade:  Sign of the Cross & Glory Be

5th & 6th grade:  Sign of the Cross & Hail Mary

7th & 8th grade:  Sign of the Cross & Our Father

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions about what your child is doing in Spanish!

-Mrs. McCormick

August 31 – September 4


Fun Run was so much fun!


Vocabulary – These words are in the story this week: companion, concealed, hastened, shuddered, despairing, delivered, flickering, sympathetic

Spelling – Prefixes -re, -dis, -un, -mid :

replace,     discount,      review,        unfold,      midterm

rewind,      unfair,          midlife,       displace,    untie,

renew,        undone,        disown,       reheat,      midnight,

uncover,    Midwest,       disagree,     midway,    disappear


English: complete and simple subjects/predicates

Science: Animal/Plant cells

Religion: Noah

Math: Assessment on Tuesday


Busy Week

This week we will begin full swing into all subjects areas. We also have a busy week with Back To School Night Thursday and the Fun Run on Friday.

Reading: The selections are longer this year. Students should try to read some of the story every night. There will be a selection test every Friday that will include multiple choice and written questions from the story. I will also be giving oral fluency tests throughout the week.

Vocabulary – These words are in the story this week. idly, tides, deserted, dozed, lacking, fiber, pursued, cover

Spelling – Suffixes -ous, -ful, -ly, -ment, -less.

joyous     useful     lonely     dangerous     hopeful     movement     playful

careless     freely     painful    helpless     statement     hazardous     gladly

marvelous     fearless     treatment     suddenly     shipment     harmless


English: complete subjects/predicates, concrete/abstract nouns

Social Studies: Test over “My World” on Tuesday.

Science: Animal/Plant cells

Religion: Cain and Abel

Math: Commutative property, Multiples of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, and adding 3 or more digit numbers