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El día de los Muertos

Many thanks to the middle school students who helped decorate for El día de los Muertos!

Dia de los muertos 2 Dia de los muertos 1

Thank you notes…

thank you notes 2 thank you notes 3 Saint John Vianney Students (from Pre-K to 8th grade) wanted to show their appreciation to all of the golfers and sponsors of the 3rd Annual “Tee off for Technology” golf tournament.  Students not only decorated boxes for the golfers’ boxed lunches, but they also took the time to write and address Thank You notes to each golfer and sponsor.  The students are very excited to be a part of the event, and they understand that they are the ones who will benefit from the funds raised.  All funds raised will go to upgrade technology to SJV.D82_7868_sthank you notes

Monster Madness


What fun we had writing descriptive essays about our monsters and then creating them from our descriptions. The class did awesome work and had fun at the same time.

We will now get back to a normal week

11/2 – 11/6

Reading: The Scientific Method


locality         oddity          humidity     finality     priceless

flavorless     needless      lifeless         actor         editor

collector       inspector    normal        digital       critical

national        briskly         jointly         properly    vividly

Social Studies: Native Americans

Math: Assessment Thursday


Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is October 26-30.  Our theme for this year is “We Are Paws-itively Drug Free”  Please refer to the following schedule for the week’s activities.

MONDAY (10/26)  Team Up Against Drugs”  Students may wear their favorite team jersey with appropriate sweat pants or PE shorts.

TUESDAY (10/27)  “Put A Cap On Drugs”     Students may wear a hat with their regular school uniforms. 

WEDNESDAY (10/28)  “Shade out Drugs     Students may wear sunglasses with their regular school uniforms.

THURSDAY (10/29)  “Hugs, Not Drugs”     Students in grades PK- 2nd may bring in their favorite stuffed animal.  Students in grades 3-8 will receive a special “chocolate hugs” treat.

 “FRIDAY (10/30)   Follow Your Dreams…Don’t Do Drugs”     Students may wear pajamas to school.

Please be advised, if students do not follow the guidelines below for pajama day, parents will be called to bring their uniform to school that day.

  1.  Pajama pants and shirts must be worn
  2. Shirts must have sleeves
  3. No shorts
  4. No leggings
  5. Tennis shoes must be worn- NO SLIPPERS


Pic 1

pic 2

We have been hard at work with our ecosystem projects.  More great work will continue next week.

10/19 – 10/22

Reading: Finish novel and complete book report which is due on 10/26.

Spelling:  slightly     somewhat     partner     teammate     spotted     viewed     spied

branch     divide     split     merry     happy    cheerful     crash     collide     alike     similar

home        dwelling     residence

Science: Ecosystem Project

Math: We will begin using Saxon Math textbooks instead of the sheets. Students will continue to

have daily homework.

Religion: Unit 2 Test Tuesday