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5th & 6th Reminder

biztownReminder: Monday, April 13th and Tuesday, April 14th we will be taking our Biztown field trip!  All students will need a packed lunch both of these days.  The students have been working hard and will hopefully have a great time!  Thank you to all of the parents that volunteer to help out on this field trip!

Spanish Classes – Week of April 8-9

There were no Monday Spanish classes this week, due to the Easter holiday.  This affected 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.


On Wednesday, the remaining elementary classes met and completed the following:

Pre-K:  We completed some cross-curricular objectives by practicing Spanish colors and numbers by graphing our favorite colors.

Kindergarten:  We used the food vocabulary bingo cards we made to play Bingo and practice these words.

First Grade:  We reviewed the Spanish alphabet today with a brief video.

Second Grade:  We have been working on talking about our likes in Spanish, using the verb “gustar.”


5th and 7th Grade also met on Wednesday.  5th Grade reviewed for the test on Lessons 10 and 11 that they have tomorrow, and 7th grade reviewed direct object pronouns and learned the preterite forms of ser and ir.


On Thursday, 5th, 6th and 8th grades will meet and be assessed.  8th grade has a brief quiz on numbers, time, present tense conjugations and ser vs. estar.  They will then work on infinitive verb constructions using ir+a and tener+que.  6th Grade has a test on Unit 4, and 5th Grade has a test on Lessons 10 and 11.


For those students who are completing the extra credit, it can be turned in anytime prior to the last class period of April (Wednesday, 4/29 for 7th grade and Thursday, 4/30 for 5th, 6th, and 8th grades).

Easter Week in Fourth Grade!

Happy Easter! I hope you all had a blessed Easter weekend, and enjoyed the nice 4 and a half days off! We are nearing the end of the school year, but there is still much to do! Here’s what’s happening this week!

Math: Today is the Geometry assessment over all the geometric concepts we have covered in the past two weeks! This week we will be diving into two-digit by two-digit multiplication! We will begin by examining the Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition and then applying that concept to our big multiplication problems! **Please keep in mind that it is crucial that your child become proficient at the multiplication facts from 1 through 12. Multiplication fact mastery is essential to success in mathematics for the rest of this year, and for future years.  A five-minute assessment will be coming home this week so you can see how your child is doing. Please practice these facts with your child! There is no such thing as too much practice!

Reading: This week we are starting a new unit about America’s movement, including westward expansion and immigration. Our story this week is called The Golden Spike, and it tells the story of the celebration at Promontory Point, Utah, at the completion of the transcontinental railroad!

Language Arts: This week we will be continuing to review subjects and predicates. Today your child will be practicing predicates, and the remainder of the week we will review simple and complete subjects, before moving on to simple and complete predicates! These also are important skills! We are continuing work on our descriptive paragraphs this week and will be wrapping them up by the middle of next week!

Science: This week in Science we will expand our study of rocks to include the minerals that make them up, as well as the rock cycle. We will be creating several pages in our science notebooks on this topic and will be investigating how rocks and minerals are classified and studied.

Social Studies: With our BizTown visit quickly approaching, we will be finishing the BizTown curriculum by discussing taxes and the difference between private goods and services and public goods and services. Look for reminders in the Wednesday folder about BizTown! Our trip is this coming Monday and Tuesday, April 13th and 14th!

Religion: We will finish talking about the first Commandment this week and begin talking about the second and third commandments! The first three commandments together teach us how to love God and have a relationship with Him. We will also be celebrating the Easter season!

Spelling: Our spelling words this week are words with Greek roots: chronic, chronology, chronicle, biome, biology, bionic, biography, energy, energetic, hydrate, hydrogen, hydrant, thermal, thermometer, thermostat, monarch, architect, type, typical, prototype, and the bonus word is distributive!


Important Dates:

4/9          All School Mass

4/13-14       BizTown Field Trip (all day both days)

4/18        SJV 5K


Thank you for all you do!!

St. John Vianney 5K: Help us spread the word!

As we are counting down the days until our 5K we need your assistance! We would like for you to help us spread the word to the community!

This is really easy to do and only takes a few seconds:

– Go to

-In the upper right hand corner there are social media icons you can click on

-In just a few clicks you can share it on Facebook, pin it, tweet about it, or publicly recommend it from your google account.

-If everyone in our school community took a few seconds to do this we can promote this even to a large amount of people


Thank you!

-Bethany Schwieter

This Week in Fourth Grade!

We have a busy week this week! Although we do not have a reading story or a spelling list due to the shortened week, we have a lot to accomplish in a short time! Please work to help your child stay focused through the end of the year! Here’s what’s happening this week:

Math: We are finishing our study of geometric concepts this week. We will have a geometry quiz Thursday, April 2. This quiz will cover the names of shapes based on number of sides (triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, etc.), the definition of a polygon, special types of quadrilaterals, types of triangles, solid shapes, and faces, edges, and vertices. A study aid will come home on Wednesday night!

Reading: We will not have a reading selection this week, but we will be working on some cloze reading skills. This will give us practice in using the text to find information, describe characters, setting, and events, and analyze the story. Students also received the instructions and requirements for the April book report. These book reports are great preparation for the independent book reports your child will be assigned monthly in 5th grade. For this book report, we are all reading The Borrowers, by Mary Norton. This book report will be a cereal box book report and will be due April 27th. Look for information in your child’s binder! If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to contact me!

Language Arts: This week, we are reviewing subjects and predicates. We will be completing sentence fragments by adding subjects and predicates, as well as identifying the complete subject and complete predicate. In the upcoming weeks, we will review simple subjects and predicates and learn about compound subjects and predicates.

Science: After finishing our study of the ocean last week, we have begun to look at rocks and minerals! We have started this study by exploring the three types of rock: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. We have created a few science notebook pages on types of rock, and will be doing an exciting investigation about how the different types of rock are formed!

Social Studies: This week we will be continuing to work on the community unit of our BizTown curriculum. We will focus on the concepts of resources, scarcity, and opportunity cost. We will be learning about how individuals, families, businesses, and governments make decisions about how to use resources and what happens when the resources are limited!

Religion:  This week, we are continuing our study of the Ten Commandments, as well as looking into Holy Week, the Triduum, and the Easter celebration! We are anxiously awaiting the resurrection of our Lord in just a few short days! I hope you will consider attending the beautiful masses and services offered during this very important liturgical season.


Important Dates:

4/2          Holy Thursday; 11:30 dismissal (no aftercare)

4/3          Good Friday; No School

4/6          Easter Monday; No School

4/13-14        BizTown Field Trip (students should wear Mass uniforms on these days)

4/18       SJV 5K (registration available online or in the office)


Thank you for all you do!!