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This Week in Fourth Grade!

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of our school year. As we get closer, we are beginning to focus on preparing for middle school. For this reason, your child will be participating in a Shadow Day in middle school on Thursday, April 30th. You should have received a letter giving more information about this event yesterday. If you have any questions about the Shadow Day, please don’t hesitate to ask! Here’s what’s happening this week:

Math: This week we are learning about the Roman numerals and how to plot and read ordered pairs. There will be a short Roman numerals quiz on Friday, May 1st. We are having fun learning how to use these numerals!

Reading: Our story this week is called The Dust Bowl, and it tells the story of the great dust storms that severely damaged the Great Plains region of our country in the late 1920s and early 1930s. We will be learning about the geography of this event as well in Social Studies this week. During the week we will also practice and review making inferences, an important skill for building reading comprehension.

Language Arts: This week in grammar, we are learning about interjections! Wow! Towards the end of the week, we will also review prepositions and conjunctions in preparation for a quiz on prepositions and interjections on Monday, May 4th. April is National Poetry Month, and this week we are celebrating by studying various types of poetry, reading poems from famous poets, and writing our own poetry! Thursday is Poem in Your Pocket Day here at school! Look for more information about this special celebration of verse in the Wednesday folder! Our spelling words this week are antonyms: demand, request, strangers, locals, fierce, mild, active, lazy, graceful, awkward, thrilling, boring, drowsy, alert, together, apart, solid, hollow, hope, and despair. The bonus word this week is buoyancy.

Science:  This week we are beginning our final science unit: physical science. We will begin by talking about matter and its properties! We will learn the states of matter, how to measure matter and how it interacts with water, and then move on to learn about heat and its transfer by the end of the week. We have many exciting concepts coming up in the next few weeks!

Social Studies: To go along with our reading selection this week, we will be learning about the effects of the Dust Bowl on the Great Plains region, as well as trying to decide what we would have done if we had been living in that region during that time period! Toward the end of the week, we will have the opportunity to learn about some of the first Tennesseans in preparation for our exciting field trip to the Tennessee State Museum! If you have not yet turned in your permission slip for that trip, please do so as soon as possible, as those forms are due Wednesday, April 29th. 

Religion: We will continue to learn about the Ten Commandments, moving to talk about the 4th-10th commandments. We will also get the chance to learn about the Liturgical Calendar later this week! Friday is our May Crowning ceremony after all school Mass, so we are also honoring Mary in a special way this week.


Important Dates:

4/ 30          No all school Mass

4/30          Poem in Your Pocket Day

4/30          4th Grade Shadow Day (in middle school)

5/1           Spelling and math bee (1:30pm in the gym)

5/1          May Crowning after All School Mass (outside the church)

5/12       Field trip to the Tennessee State Museum


Thank you for all you do!!

Art & Music Show April 23, 2015 Starts at 5PM in the Gym!

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This Week in Fourth Grade!

We are officially halfway through the 4th quarter! It is hard to believe that the school year is coming to a close! Interim reports will be coming home in the Wednesday folder this week. Please sign and return them no later than Friday, April 24th.  Here’s a look at what’s happening this week:

Math: We will finish talking about Titanic: By the Numbers today. We are learning lots of interesting facts about all the people and supplies that were on board the ship when it set sail over 100 years ago! Tomorrow we will review multiplication concepts for our Multiplication Test Thursday, April 23. Look for a study guide tomorrow! Towards the end of the week we will be learning about the Associative Property of Multiplication and comparing it to the other properties of multiplication we have learned this year!

Reading: After our study of tall tales last week, our reading selection this week is called “John Henry Races the Steam Drill.” We will continue talking about the elements of tall tales as we learn about John Henry. We will be having a selection test on Friday.

Language Arts: This week we will be learning about prepositions and prepositional phrases and how to use and identify them in sentences. Our spelling words are words with Latin roots: strain, restrain, constraint, legend, legible, lecture, versions, versus, adverse, manual, manage, manicure, disrupt, abrupt, erupt, secondary, sequel, sequence, prime, primate, and the bonus word is stalactite.

Science: This week we will continue to talk about caves and the formation of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as begin to look at glaciers and how glacial movement affects the Earth’s surface. In honor of Earth Day, we will also look at the effects humans have on our Earth and what we can do to prevent pollution of our air and water.

Social Studies: We will continue our study of Tennessee history with talking about our Tennessee presidents as well as other Tennesseans who have distinguished themselves in various fields. We will also learn how to use degrees of latitude and longitude to locate and describe places on a map.

Religion:  This week we will learn about the second and third commandments and how they teach us how to love, honor, and respect God. There will be a test on the first three commandments on Monday, April 27th.


Important Dates:

4/30          Poem in Your Pocket Day (information in the Wednesday folder)

5/1            All School Mass

May Crowning (after all school Mass)

Spelling and Math Bee (1:30pm in the gym)

Thank you for all you do!!!

Spanish Classes for the Week of April 20, 2015

Here’s what is planned for Spanish classes this week:

Pre-K:  We will reinforce number vocabulary by reading Count on Culebra, by Ann Whitford Paul.

Kindergarten:  We will introduce some birthday party vocabulary while reading Fiesta Fiasco by Ann Whitford Paul.

First Grade:  We will play a game on to practice our number and color vocabulary.

Second Grade:  We will finish up our project on expressing our likes and dislikes in Spanish (the verb “gustar), and discuss the Spanish alphabet.

Third Grade:  We will finish up our work on verbs this week.

Fourth Grade:  We continue Lesson 9 in our textbook discussing basic verb conjugation in Spanish.

Fifth Grade:  We will review estar and the differences between it and ser in preparation for a short quiz on Thursday, April 23.  Students should be able to conjugate the verb estar in the present tense, and decide which verb should be used in a given sentence.

Sixth Grade:  We are working on vocabulary for foods, as well as relating to eating out and shopping.  There is a quiz on Unit 5 Vocabulary on Thursday, April 23.

Seventh Grade:  We have a Unit 4 Test on Monday, April 20.  7th grade will not have Spanish class on Wednesday due to their field trip.

Eighth Grade:  We will review verbs with irregular yo forms, stem-changing verbs, and basic paragraph writing this week.

Please remember that all extra credit projects for grades 5-8 are due no later than the last class meeting in April.

5K Results

Thank you everyone who came out to run the 5K! Results can be found here: