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Cross Country Uniforms

Please turn in cross country uniforms by the end of the week so your report card is not held. Thank you!

Spanish Classes for the Week of October 13, 2014

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a wonderful fall break!  Here’s what we are working hard on in Spanish this last week of first quarter:

Pre-K:  We will be reviewing our colors with a song and a game.

Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade:  These classes will miss Spanish this week due to a field trip.

3rd Grade:  We will begin discussing gender and articles.

4th Grade:  We will continue talking about the Spanish alphabet.

5th Grade:  We will review regular -ar verbs before our quiz on Thursday.

6th Grade:  We will play a review game for our Unit 1 Test, which will be on Thursday.

7th Grade:  We will review stem-changing verbs before our quiz on Thursday.

8th Grade:  We will learn one more type of stem-changing verbs this week, and then begin review for a quiz on these, plus the verbs saber and conocer, which will be Wednesday, October 22.

4th Grade ART Castles in the Works

IMG_7219 IMG_7218 IMG_7217 IMG_7216 IMG_7215 IMG_7213 IMG_7214

Tee Off for Technology – 2014

Have you signed up to golf with us on October 27 yet?

SJV Golf Tournament 2014 001

Literature Circles

Since this is a short week right before Fall Break, we will not be reading a selection from our reading book or having a Spelling test this week! Instead, we will be reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins in Literature Circles. Since we have not used Literature Circles yet this year, I wanted to explain the process to avoid any confusion!

Each night, your child will be reading one third of the book (since there are three nights this week to read). Your child and his or her Literature Circle group have decided how much to read each night in order to get the book finished by Thursday. They have recorded this information on a slip of paper which can be found in the front pocket of their binders. In addition to reading the agreed upon chapters, your child also has a task to fulfill in order to participate in the Literature Circle the following day. There are four different “jobs,” and your child will not have the same job twice, so expect to see a different task each night! The four jobs are listed and described below:

Discussion Director: The Discussion Director has two jobs: first, to create three questions about the reading about which the group can discuss the following day. We talked in class about how a question like, “Why did the main character take this action?” is a better question than, “Who is the main character?” Please help your child (if he or she needs help) create questions that facilitate discussion rather than a one-word answer. The Discussion Director should write each of these questions on a given notecard to be shared in discussion. The other job of the Discussion Director is to lead the discussion in the Literature Circle the following day. The Discussion Director is in charge of keeping the group organized and on task!

Summarizer: As you may guess, the Summarizer is responsible for writing a brief but detailed summary of the selected reading. He or she has a 5″ x 7″ notecard on which to write this summary. When the Literature Circle meets, the Summarizer will share his or her summary to start the discussion and refresh everyone’s memory of what happened in the reading.

Passage Picker: The Passage Picker’s job is to select one passage (a few sentences or more) from the selected reading that was significant to him or her and explain why it was significant. The Passage Picker can choose a passage that is exciting, sad, scary, funny, detailed, or even confusing. The Passage Picker will read the chosen passage to the group and share why it was chosen, and then the group can discuss the passage.

Word Wizard: The Word Wizard’s job is to select three interesting or unfamiliar words from the selected reading and define them. It is preferred that these words be unfamiliar words, so that everyone learns new vocabulary! If, however, the Word Wizard does not come across any unfamiliar words, he or she should choose words that are interesting or unusual, or words that he or she thinks some classmates might not know. The Word Wizard should write each word on a given notecard (including where it can be found in the reading) and write the definition of that word. These words will be shared with the group in discussion the following day.

Each day the Literature Circles will meet and each person will share his or her contribution with the group as they discuss the previous night’s reading. Literature Circles are a great way to spark good conversation about literature, and I think the class will enjoy experiencing this book together! Please let me know if you have any questions! Happy Reading!

Thank you for all you do!!