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PE this Week

Due to middle school exams and Christmas concert practice PE will moved to different days this week.

Pre-k, 1, 2, 3, and 4 will have PE on Tuesday

Kindergarten will have PE on Wednesday


Please make sure your child has their PE shoes/clothes on the appropriate day. Thank you!

Christmas Program YouTube Link

Hello All!

Your Child should have brought home a letter this past Wednesday along with some lyric sheets.  Here is a link to a playlist that has all of the songs that will be sung at our Christmas Program on next Thursday, December 17 at 6 pm at the Church.  Please encourage your children to practice over the upcoming days so that we can be prepared!

Gregory McCord


11/6 – 11/20

Reading: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever


everyone         sideways        laptop            playground         bathtub

swimsuit         mailbox          goldfish         upstairs               blueberry

heartbeat         teaspoon        popcorn        birthday             fireplace

keyboard         yearbook         rainbow        wheelchair        townhouse


Social Studies: Native Americans

Math: Test

First Quarter Honors 2015

First Quarter Honors 2015-page-001

11/9 – 11/13

Pleas remember to bring in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Friday, November 13.


11/9 – 11/13

Reading: Magnetism


deflate          demerit            declaw          derail          impure

immobile     imperfect         impolite        prefix         preview

preheat        preschool         co-star          co-pilot       co-host

co-pay          enlarge             enclose          enrich         enforce


Social Studies: Native Americans

Science: Electricity and Magnetism