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Music Update February

music notes

Pre-K, Kindergarten & 1st Grade Music

Students sing and dance along with Dr. Jean and Friends.

2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade Music

Students analyze and respond to pitch, tone and beat.  Students demonstrate how vibration relates to pitch using a ruler.  Students compare the rulers vibration to the vibration seen when a hammer hits the strings in a piano.

5th, 6th, 7th Grade Music

Students explore Musical Families.  This week students focus on percussion instruments.  Students respond to a quick video clip over percussion instruments and research their responses using the Brain Pop website.

8th Grade Music

Students begin designing the Play Set for the upcoming Spring Play.

Spanish Classes for the Week of February 23, 2015

Welcome back from our “Snow Week.”  I hope you all had a restful week and are ready to get back to learning.  Here’s what we have going on in Spanish classes for the week of February 23.  Please note that there will be no Spanish homework due during ITBS testing.

Pre-K:  We will be learning about and playing some traditional games from Spanish-speaking countries.

Kindergarten:  We continue working on our food vocabulary and our bingo cards.

1st Grade:  We will be doing some cross-curricular work – practicing our Spanish numbers with simple math facts.

2nd Grade:  We have one more week of Bingo to practice our vocabulary for parts of the body.

3rd Grade:  We will begin working on food vocabulary this week, introducing words with an activity on

4th Grade:  We are starting Lesson 5 in our textbooks on days of the week, calendars, and the country of Honduras.

5th Grade:  We will go over our test from Lessons 8-9, as well as begin Lesson 10 vocabulary, and the conjugations of the irregular verb “ser.”

6th Grade:  We begin infinitive verb constructions this week, working on ir + a + infinitive and tener + que + infinitive.

7th Grade:  We will go over our Unit 3 test, and introduce Unit 4 Vocabulary.  A Tic-Tac-Do Activity and Unit 4 Vocabulary Quiz will be due/on March 9 (after ITBS testing).

8th Grade:  We will finish third quarter with a brief jaunt into Spanish literature and the world of Don Quijote.

Have a great week!

4th Grade ART Single Point Perspective

IMG_8568 IMG_8567

Spanish Classes for the Week of February 9, 2015

Here’s what’s in store for Spanish classes for the week of February 9:

Pre-K:  Last week, we began making Spanish Valentine’s Day cards, and reinforcing the Spanish phrase “te amo” which we learned the week before in a Spanish book we read together.  We will finish our Valentine’s this week, so that the students can bring them home.

Kindergarten:  We will continue working on food vocabulary by making Bingo cards and playing Bingo to practice these words.

First Grade:  This week we will finish drawing and labeling our own version of “El Mar,” focusing on key Spanish vocabulary words, based on the “imaginary field trip” to the beach we took.

Second Grade:  We will play Bingo to reinforce the words we have learned for the parts of the body.

Third Grade:  We will spend one more week using the vocabulary words we learned for the parts of the body.  This week we will review gender and number in Spanish nouns.

Fourth Grade:  We will begin Lesson 4 in our textbooks, talking about ordering in Spanish at a restaurant, food vocabulary, types of money in Spanish-speaking countries, and Guatemala.

Fifth Grade:  We will review for our Lesson 8 and 9 test, which will be on Thursday.

Sixth Grade:  We will continue working on Unit 4 Vocabulary in preparation for our vocabulary quiz on Thursday.

Seventh Grade:  We will review for our Unit 3 Test on Wednesday.

Eighth Grade:  We finish our discussion of Reflexive Verbs and Lesson 6 in the textbook with a short quiz on Thursday.


This Week in Fourth Grade 2/9/2015

Thank you to those families who attended or helped with our Open House this weekend! It was a great success! This week is a four-day week due to the Teacher Inservice on Friday. Please remember that we will still have a reading selection test and a spelling test this week, so they will be on Thursday! Only three more weeks until ITBS testing! Here’s what’s going on this week:

Math: This week we will dive into long division! We will be starting with two- and three-digit dividends, and then moving to four- and five-digit dividends! Keep practicing those multiplication facts–knowing those facts is immensely helpful in long division!

Reading: This week we are reading a mystery called The Case of the Gasping Garbage. We’ll be able to combine science and reading this week with an exciting story! Remember that the selection test is Thursday, February 12th.

Grammar/Writing: This week in grammar we will finish talking about complete and simple subjects and predicates. We are putting it all together to split the whole sentence up! There will be a quiz over complete and simple subjects and predicates on Thursday, February 12th. In writing, we are starting our descriptive paragraphs by creating sensory charts for the places we chose to describe and writing our first drafts! We will be focusing on a topic sentence with supporting details!

Spelling: Our words this week are root words with affixes. We will be learning about how those affixes affect and change the spelling of the root words. With the short week, remember the spelling test will be Thursday, February 12th.

Science: Our Chapter 1 test on weather conditions is today! The rest of the week we will start an exciting chapter on oceans! We will be exploring currents, tides, waves, and the ocean floor! Our Earth’s oceans are a wonderful mystery!

Social Studies: This week we will be learning about writing checks, deposit tickets, and maintaining a checkbook register in preparation for our trip to BizTown. We will also learn about savings accounts and the different types of currency that can be used!

Religion: We are continuing this week to talk about the Ten Commandments: God’s laws for His people. Our study begins with the first three Commandments, through which God teaches us how to love Him!


Important Dates:

Wednesday 2/11               Interim Grades available

Friday 2/13                        NO SCHOOL (Teacher Inservice)

Monday 2/16                    NO SCHOOL (Presidents’ Day)

Wednesday 2/18             Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent)


Thank you for all you do!!!