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Fourth Grade Shadow Day!

Today the fourth graders had the opportunity to spend “a day in the life of a 5th grader!” Well, half a day, at least! They spent part of the afternoon in Mrs. Raybourne’s social studies class, where they learned about the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and migrant workers! They were given “rations” for the day (a spoonful of water and one vanilla wafer):

Shadow Day IMG_2891 1


They also worked with a partner to choose 7 things to bring in their suitcase for the trip out West! Some difficult decisions were made!

IMG_2890 IMG_2889 IMG_2887 IMG_2886 IMG_2885 IMG_2884 IMG_2883 IMG_2882

Overall, they learned that we are all pretty lucky! We don’t have to worry about limited food, dust in the air, or losing our homes!


Thank you to the fifth grade and the middle school teachers for letting the fourth graders spend “a day in the life!”

Middle School Science Segment

5th grade: Finished weather concepts and took their test on Tuesday. 5th grade hosted the 4th grade students in their science class on Thursday, April 30 where they worked in centers at microscopes reviewing slides and drawing organism diagrams/structures.

6th grade: Finished the weather concepts and took their test on Monday. Wednesday we started their unit on earth, moon and sun movements to discuss phases of the moon and eclipses. By the way Gallatin will be one of the top viewing areas for a total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017 at around 1:30 pm. Watch out for the news crews!! :)

7th grade: Finished their unit on vertebrate animals and started their unit on organism interactions in symbiotic interactions, biotic and abiotic factors that affect an ecosystem/biome.

8th grade: Students are studying light energy, how it is absorbed, reflected and refracted. Students are studying mirrors and lenses.

Thank You Knights!

The students at SJV are so grateful to the Knights of Columbus! The Knights have bought new soccer goals for our playground. The students have been using the goals every day at recess and having a blast!

soccer goal 1 soccer goal 2

Music Class:

Pre-k thru 1st Grade Music

Students sing- a-long with Dr. Jean and Friends.  We just started our end of the year songs preparing for our Summer Vacation (Take Me Out to the Ballgame, We Love Our Flag, The Fourth of July, Swimming and Going on a Picnic).


2nd-4th Grade Music

Students practiced making sounds using several types of instruments this week.  We watched a Brain Pop Jr. video over different instruments and the sounds each make.


5th-8th Grade Music

Students discussed two famous composers Mozart and Beethoven this week using Brain Pop.

Art Class: Aboriginal Dream Paintings

Students began working on their own animal dream painting this week.  Grades 2-8 will continue their paintings into next week’s class.  Looking forward to seeing these beautiful creations!