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Field Trip to Cedars of Lebanon

Thanks to Mr. Zach Tinkle, the park ranger at Cedars of Lebanon, for such a wonderful experience.  We learned so much about ecosystems, adaptations, rock cycles, etc.

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Which Brand of Green Beans has more Water?


Our classes discussed the scientific process through our green bean experiment!

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The World Through My Eyes

Today, third and fourth took a look at different theories about the continents’ formations.  Both classes have discussed in our religion classes the creation of earth by God.  We have talked about how God  designed the earth still remains a mystery, but there are a multitude of theories.  We watched the Pangaea Theory.  Following the video and discussion, the students formed groups to design the seven continents through their eyes.  We will continue to work on this project next week.


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Physical Education

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We have started off the year in PE class with great participation! PreK-2nd grades have been learning balance and coordination using  balloons, beanbags, and hula hoops!

3rd -8th grade are learning warm-up skills and calisthenics, along with playing active fun games, like trash-ball and capture the flag.  They are working on teamwork and strategy!

Don’t Miss Back to School Night – August 25 – 6-8 pm

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