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Welcome Back!

We are off to a great start in fourth grade.


Fourth Quarter 2016 Academic Honors


Congratulations to the following students who earned academic honors during the fourth quarter 2016!

Principal’s List

Jake Thompson

Joseph Collins

Katie Shea Collins

Jackson Cox

Sarah Joseph

Alex Kirkpatrick

Jacob Kirkpatrick

Cami Klein

Sinclair Morris

Joselyn Angel

Mason Campbell

David Cassman

Peyton Hannon

Ryan Miller

Oliver Rausch

Jake Shelby

Kelsie Swauger

Isaac Thompson

Brennan Shea


Honor Roll

Alonso Angel

Michael Hernandez

Anna Joseph

Jacqueline Scovel

Nolan Beasley

Zeyna Krampotich

James Cassman

Christopher Joseph

Lydia Uhl

Delaney Bilbrey

Peter Cassman

Sydney Johnson

Logan LeCave

Patrick Collins

Taylor Jahnke

Chloe Rausch

McKenzie Shea

Kylee Bea Gullickson

Westley Ousley

Holden Bilbrey

Jasmine Krampotich

Cayden Wilson

Hudson Wood


Outstanding Achievement

Matt McAllister

Grayson Hannon

Jack Klein

Biztown was a Success!

biz 2016 biz2 2016 biz3 2016biz4 2016

Biztown was a huge success!  The students had a great time! All of our businesses paid off their loans! Great Job!

A very big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers that made this day possible! We could not have done it without you! I will post more pictures as the week goes on!

HONK! and Art Classes

This week the entire school will attend JPII’s production of HONK! We are all so excited!  Please wear your Mass uniforms and make sure to include something  GREEN for St. Patrick’s Day.  The all school Mass will take place on Friday, March 18, so were your Mass uniforms twice!


Here are some pictures of things the students will be working on in Art class:

  Crepe paper st. Patrick's Day Shamrock kid craft-free printable shamrock template


3/14 – 3/18


3/14 – 3/18
Reading: Immigrant Children: mainland, yearning, translated, translate, wages, strikes, dreaded
wages, salary, pay, income, dreaded, feared, weird, strange, unusual, color,

hue, shade, problem, concern, trouble, crisis, border, edge, boundary, limit

Social Studies: Revolutionary War – Test on Pocket 2 by Friday

Math: Continue to memorize multiplication facts

Science: Sound