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Posts from the ‘Grade 4’ Category

Christmas Party Pictures

Hope everyone enjoyed their break!  Here are a few pictures from the Christmas party!

img_2359 img_2360 img_2362 img_2363 img_2364 img_2365 img_2366 img_2368 img_2371 img_2374 img_2376 img_2377 img_2381 img_2386 img_2387 img_2399 img_2401 img_2406


img_2299 img_2301 img_2302

A Week of Health

img_2073 img_2074 img_2075 img_2076 img_2077 img_2078 img_2081 img_2082 img_2083A

Gallatin Fire Dept. Visits SJV

Elementary Students participated in Gallatin’s Fire Dept.  fire safety program!  All the students had fun with Flame, Steamer, Axe, and Robo the clown firefighters!  Remember to practice fire safety at home with your children. 


img_2055  img_2051 img_2050 img_2045 img_2044 img_2034 img_2032 img_2029 img_2027 img_2025 img_2021 img_2020 img_2017 img_2016 img_2014

Field Trip to Cedars of Lebanon

Thanks to Mr. Zach Tinkle, the park ranger at Cedars of Lebanon, for such a wonderful experience.  We learned so much about ecosystems, adaptations, rock cycles, etc.

img_1979 img_1994 img_1997 img_1999 img_2001 img_2007 img_4731 img_4746img_4753 fullsizerender