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Music Update

Pre-K -1st Grade Music

Students sing-a-long with Dr. Jean & Friends Winter Songs: Ringing in a New Year, I’m a Little Snowman, Ground Hog’s Day and Valentine’s Day Song.

2nd- 4th Grade Music

Watch Brain Pop Jr. Video over the Musical Alphabet.  Students practice reading and writing notes on the staff.

5th-8th Grade Music Students explore musical careers, role of the conductor, composers etc.  Students identify instruments and complete research information using the Classics for Kids Website.

4th grade ART: Pen and Doodle Hands with Watercolor

Stay tuned for these marker and watercolor creations.  Students will be adding watercolor to their drawings next week!

Spanish Classes for the Week of January 26, 2015

Happy Catholic Schools Week!  In honor of this special week, we will begin reciting prayers in Spanish starting this week in grades 1-8, as per the diocesan curriculum.  Praying these prayers each Spanish class period will be part of the daily participation grade.

1st-2nd Grade:  The Sign of the Cross

3rd-4th Grade:  Glory Be

5th Grade:  Our Father

6th Grade:  Prayer Before Meals

7th-8th Grade:  Hail Mary


Also being covered this week in Spanish classes:

Pre-K:  We will be reading and discussing the book, “Te amo sol, Te amo luna.”

Kindergarten:  We will begin learning food vocabulary through a new song.

1st Grade:  We are reading and discussing the book, “El Mar.”

2nd Grade:  We are working on the vocabulary for parts of the body.

3rd Grade:  We will play bingo to practice our vocabulary for parts of the body.

4th Grade:  We discussed Spanish leave-takings and the country of Mexico in Lesson 2 of our textbook.

5th Grade:  We will finish Lesson 8 on Wednesday, in begin working on adjectives with Lesson 9.

6th Grade:  We will finish our work on Unit 3, in preparation for a quiz on the irregular verbs ir, dar, and estar, as well as the Spanish word “a” and the readings on pages 112-117 in the textbook on Monday, February 2.

7th Grade:  We continue working on the Present Progressive tense on Monday, and will introduce the verbs saber and conocer on Wednesday.

8th Grade:  We begin Lesson 6 this week with the study of reflexive verbs.


Have a great week!

4th Grade ART: Celtic Letter Project

IMG_8218 IMG_8219 IMG_8220 IMG_8221 IMG_8222 IMG_8227 IMG_8226 IMG_8225 IMG_8224 IMG_8223

Art 4th Grade: Celtic Letter Project

IMG_8205 IMG_8204 IMG_8203 IMG_8202