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pictures from this last week

This last week was Catholic Schools week! We had some much fun. These are some pictures from the Grandparents Assembly, 100th day of school, and letter making.


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Thank you from Gallatin Child Care Center for the Christmas Gifts!

Gallatin Child Care Thank You Letter 2013 001

Fourth Grade News!

We have a busy week ahead of us this week! Happy Catholic Schools Week! Here’s what’s happening this week:

Math: This week we will be learning about how to record purchases and checks in a register (which will give us a head start in preparing for Biztown!). We will also be learning about equivalent fractions and equal groups story problems. We will be having a Saxon quiz on Monday, February 3rd.

Reading: This week we are reading Magnetism. We will be exploring the relationship between magnetism and electricity. Our focus this week will be on the skills Summarizing and Cause and Effect. Due to the Grandparents Day celebration, we will be having our selection test on Thursday, January 30th.

Language Arts/Writing: This week we will be finishing and mailing our pen pal letters. We will be focusing on the format of friendly letters and addressing envelopes.

Science: We will continue our study of matter. We will learn about density and buoyancy in relation to mass and volume. We will be learning about tools used for measurement of mass, volume, and length. We will also explore solubility and what dissolution means.

Social Studies: This week in Social Studies we will be focusing on the counties in Tennessee, specifically the ones surrounding Sumner county. We will also be learning about the geographic regions of Tennessee and which one we belong in.

Religion: We will be exploring what we can do to handle conflict in healthy ways within our relationships with family members and friends. We are learning to make and keep our families holy.

Important Dates:

1/29         Bishop’s Mass at the Cathedral

1/31         Grandparents Day 8-11:30

1/31         Early Dismissal, 11:30 a.m.

2/3           Feast Day Mass, grades 2-8

2/6          All School Mass, PK-8

2/15         Acoustical Evening


Happy Student Appreciation Day!

We appreciate our students!  To start off Catholic Schools Week, our students are enjoying an out of uniform day, as well as no homework, and extra recess.  Then this afternoon, the 8th grade takes on the teachers in our annual volleyball game.

We also want to share how much we appreciate our alumni.  This morning, Mrs. McCormick started the day off right by opening a letter from Mr. Faustin Weber, Headmaster of JPII, who shared the first semester academic successes of several of our former students.  Congratulations!  We are proud of you!

First Semester 2013 JPII Honors Letter 001

This Week in Fourth Grade!

This week is starting off great! After a short week last week to start off the semester, we are finally back to our normal schedule! The spotlight is on Cassidy this week. We are excited to learn about her!

Math: This week we will be working with finding the area of figures in square inches and centimeters. We will also work with finding missing addends with sums of 1000, relating to making change from $10.00. We will also begin talking about naming segments, angles, and figures using letters.

Reading: We are reading Abraham Lincoln: Sixteenth President this week and learning about this beloved historical figure. As we read, we will focus on adjusting our reading speed to fit the difficulty of the text.

Language Arts/Writing: We will be working on our class books this week, with the prompt Cloudy With a Chance of…. Our book will be mailed on Friday! In Spelling we will be learning about contractions and how they are formed. In grammar, we will continue learning about comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs.

Science: We have come to the end of our Science chapter and will be having our test Friday, January 17th or Monday, January 20th. This week we will be reviewing the chapter’s content.

Social Studies: This week we will be creating a timeline of events we have learned about so far, beginning with the Declaration of Independence and stretching to the present. We will also continue our study of the state of Tennessee.

Religion: In celebration of the feast of the Holy Family, we will be exploring Jesus’ family and applying what we learn to our own families. We will discuss and write about ways we can help make and keep our families holy.

Important Dates:

1/16          All School Mass

1/20         No School- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

1/21-22   Vision and Hearing Screenings

1/22         Wildcat Wednesday

1/27-31    Catholic Schools Week

1/31          Grandparent’s Day

**Please Remember to sign and return the Studentreasures class book form. If all students return a signed form, we get a free copy of the book for our classroom!

**If you would like to order from the Scholastic book order for January, please send in your order form and payment or order online (Class Activation Code: MBRCF) by this Friday, January 17th.

Thank you for all you do!!