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4th Grade Art Class: Pen & Doodle Hands with Watercolor Completed Projects

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Music Update February 2015

Pre-K-1st Grade Music

Students sing-a-long with Dr. Jean & Friends Winter Songs.

2nd-4th Grade Music

Students analyze and respond to time signature.  Students will watch a Brain Pop Jr. Video over Time Signature.  Students will review the information and complete response sheet with the class.

5th-8th Grade Music

Students will listen to Franz Schubert’s radio show on Classics For Kids website and follow up piece with Four Hand Piano.  Students will respond to review questions and discuss in small group and as a class.

Art 4th Grade: Pen & Doodle Hands with Watercolor

Students add watercolor to their hand drawings from last week.

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Spanish Classes for the Week of February 2

Here’s what’s in store for Spanish classes for the week of February 2:

Pre-K:  Last week, we read “Te amo sol. Te amo luna.” and learned how to say “I love you.”  This week we’ll reinforce that phrase by getting ready for Valentine’s Day and making Spanish Valentine’s Day cards.

Kindergarten:  Last week we began learning some new vocabulary for a variety of foods.  We’ll continue working on that this week with a song and activity.

First Grade:  We have finished our “imaginary field trip” to the beach by reading “El Mar.”  Now we will draw our own version of “El Mar” focusing on key Spanish vocabulary words.

Second Grade:  We will sing, dance, and have a drawing activity to reinforce the vocabulary for parts of the face and body.

Third Grade:  It’s week two for BINGO, focusing on vocabulary for parts of the body.

Fourth Grade:  We will begin Lesson 3 in our textbooks, talking about counting to 30, asking how much something costs in Spanish, and the country of El Salvador.

Fifth Grade:  We are finishing up Lesson 9 on adjectives this week, and preparing for a test over Lessons 8 and 9 on Thursday, February 12.  It is important that students continue to practice the vocabulary from these two lessons (-er verbs and adjectives) and also continue to practice conjugating -er verbs.

Sixth Grade:  We have finished up Unit 3 and have a quiz over it on Monday.  On Thursday, we begin Unit 4 with a Tic-Tac-Do Activity on the unit vocabulary, which covers shopping, articles of clothing, school supplies, etc.  We will have a Unit 4 vocabulary quiz on Thursday, February 12.

Seventh Grade:  We will continue discussing saber vs. conocer on Monday, and work on reading and culture on Wednesday, as we finish up Unit 3.  We will have a Unit 3 Test on Wednesday, February 11.

Eighth Grade:  We continue our discussion of Reflexive Verbs and Lesson 6 in the textbook.

SPECIAL NOTE:  All 5th through 8th grade students were offered 5% points of extra credit on any third quarter quiz or test as their Student Appreciation Day prize last Monday.  If any student who chose the extra credit would like me to add that extra credit to a quiz or test that he/she has already taken this quarter in order to help raise his/her grade before the interim ends on Friday, February 6, please be sure to give me your extra credit card this week. ~Mrs. McCormick

This Week in Fourth Grade

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Catholic Schools Week festivities last week! We had a great week celebrating our students, parents, faculty and staff, pastor, and grandparents! We have so much to be thankful for here at SJV! We have a busy week ahead! Here’s what’s going on this week:

Due to the short and busy week last week, the Reading and Spelling tests will be today, Monday 2/2. We will have this week’s Reading and Spelling tests on Friday, as usual!

Math: This week we will continue to study fractions! There will be a fractions quiz on Tuesday over adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators and unlike denominators, as well as identifying the shaded region of a picture. Look for a short “study guide” to be coming home today! The rest of the week we will explore converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa, as well as arrays and finding their dimensions.

Reading: We are reading Magnetism this week and learning about magnets and their properties! We will be focusing on summarizing important portions of the story as we go!

Spelling: Our words this week are root words plus prefixes. We will be learning about the meanings of different prefixes as well as how the adding of these prefixes can change the spelling of the root word. The spelling list will be coming home today! Study those words at home!

Grammar: We will have a types of sentences quiz on Tuesday, so be looking for a short “study guide” to come home today! This week we will be identifying simple and complete subjects and predicates within sentences.

Writing: For the next two weeks, we will be working on descriptive paragraphs. We will use our writing process to create descriptive paragraphs on a topic of our choice! We will also be exploring the descriptive writing of other authors to help inspire us!

Science: We are finishing our chapter on weather and weather patterns this week, and will be taking our Chapter 1 Test on Monday, February 9th. This week we will finish up the chapter, learn about air pressure and how to measure it, and reviewing for the test! Keep up the studying at home!

Social Studies: This week we will spend time learning about the regions of Tennessee, Sumner county’s surrounding counties, and the states that surround our state! We will also begin the preparation for our exciting BizTown field trip! This trip is a great experience for our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students, and will take place in mid-April. Look in your Wednesday folder this week for more information on the program sponsored by Junior Achievement!

Religion: This week we will begin to look closely at the Ten Commandments, God’s laws for His people. We will begin with the first three commandments, through which God teaches us how to love Him!

Upcoming Dates: 

           Sunday 2/8          SJV Open House, 1-4pm

          Monday 2/9          CIA meeting, 6pm (hosted by 6th grade)

Friday 2/13           NO SCHOOL (Faculty Inservice)

Monday 2/16        NO SCHOOL (Presidents’ Day)

Wednesday 2/18      Ash Wednesday (beginning of Lent)