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Harvest Night Volunteers Needed

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to earn volunteer hours through the months of September and October! Help is needed in various capacities for the Harvest Night Dinner & Auction.

Spanish Class the Week of August 25

Here’s what we will be doing in Spanish class this week:

Pre-Kindergarten:  We will continue practicing basic conversation, our numbers 1-10, and we will introduce colors with a new song.

Kindergarten:  We will continue working on our colors in Spanish by playing a color identification game.

First Grade:  We will focus on learning the numbers 11-20 with a new song this week.

Second through Fourth Grade:  It’s BINGO time!  We will be practicing our numbers with some fun games of Bingo.

Fifth Grade:  We are practicing basic conversational phrases, as well as continuing our work on articles, adjectives, and gender/number agreement.

Sixth through Eighth Grade:  We will finish up our review lessons and prepare for a quiz over the material before we move on to new concepts.

A Few Reminders…

Penny Wars have started!! This week, everything is POSITIVE in the Penny War jars! Bring in your spare change to put in the 4th grade jar! Next week will be NEGATIVE in the jars, so we’ll be adding to other classrooms’ jars! The class with the highest total after next week will get a special treat! All the money goes to extracurricular activities to benefit all students!

Also remember that all Smart Cards are due this Friday, August 22. If you have sold Smart Cards, please send in the money (and any unsold cards) by Friday! Checks can be made out to SJV!

Have a great week! Thanks for all you do!

Art, Music & Tech. Update August 18, 2014

Art 4th Grade

String Painting inspired by Jackson Pollack

Students will be introduced to spontaneous and physical art process. Gains ability in using different art media in a variety of ways for creative expression and representation, draws using paint; adding white to change tint; adding black to change shade; using complimentary colors; creates art incorporating elements and principles previously introduced line and color;

Students will create a string painting adding complimentary colors, white and black etc.

Grade 4 Music

Lesson 2 God Made Music-Students will learn that music is written on treble or bass staves or on the grand staff.  Music on the staff is separated by bar lines and double bar lines.

Students complete pg.3 during our class time.

4th Grade Technology

Parts of a Computer; practice mouse and keyboarding skills; Complete parts of a computer hand out; ABCYA Games:  Find the Technology, Brain Pop Video

Spanish Classes for the Week of August 18

I really enjoyed our first Spanish classes of the school year last week!  Here’s what we are working on this week:

Pre-Kindergarten:  Practicing routines of greetings and leave-takings, asking and telling how someone is (both of which will become our weekly conversation routine), and if time allows, introducing numbers 1-10, using song.

Kindergarten:  Practicing routines of greetings and leave-takings, asking and telling how someone is (both of which will become our weekly conversation routine), review of numbers 1-10 and colors, using songs.

First through Fourth Grade:  We will work on our new calendar and weather routine, have conversation, and review numbers.  In first grade, students learn the numbers through 20,  in second grade, through 31, and third and fourth graders work on numbers through 50.

Fifth Grade:  We will work on Lesson 1 vocabulary this week, along with the introduction of Lesson 2 regarding common Spanish expressions.

Sixth through Eighth Grade:  We will spend the first few weeks reviewing material covered in the previous year(s).