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Red Ribbon Week Door Decorations

The teachers and the students worked very hard making their classroom doors a special reminder to stay healthy and drug free.


Pre K (early elementary winner)IMG_2226

1st GradeIMG_2230

2nd GradeIMG_2227

3rd Grade(upper elementary winner)IMG_22294th GradeIMG_2228


Wild About Art Club October 2014

Spooky ART

Students created three projects during our time together after school.  Here are the three spooky art pieces created:

Spider Web of glue…

Maple leaf ghost…

Friendly silly eyed gourd…

IMG_7318 IMG_7319 IMG_7320 IMG_7322 IMG_7317 IMG_7316 IMG_7313 - Copy IMG_7311 - Copy IMG_7309 - Copy IMG_7308 - Copy IMG_7310 - Copy


Spanish Classes for the Week of October 27, 2014

Due to STEM Field Day on Monday, the only Spanish classes that meet this week are on Wednesday and Thursday:

Pre-Kindergarten – No class this week due to field trip.

Kindergarten – We will cover some cultural objectives this week by reading a simple book about Dia de los Muertos.

1st & 2nd Grade – We will also delve into Hispanic culture this week with a project for Dia de los Muertos to accompany our PowerPoint and discussion.

5th Grade – We continue to discuss how to write questions in Spanish, as well as the difference between porque and por que.  We will also read a simple story in Spanish and answer questions about it.

6th Grade – Tic-Tac-Do Activities are due on Thursday, before we take our Unit 2 Vocabulary quiz.

7th Grade – We will finish our discussion of verbs like gustar, aburrir, and interesar, and begin the application of this knowledge through reading a simple conversation and answering questions about it.

8th Grade – We begin a new lesson this week on the Spanish use of articles and adjectives.



RED RIBBON WEEK 2014        “Love Yourself, Be Drug Free”

MONDAY 10/27     STEM Field Day – Students may come in their PE uniforms (2nd-8th) or appropriate athletic clothing (PK-1st).  If it is chilly then sweatpants/sweatshirts would be fine to wear.  Classroom door decorating begins.

TUESDAY 10/28     Put A Cap On Drugs”  Students may wear a hat with their regular uniform.  Grades 3-8 may wear a hat after Mass.

WEDENESDAY 10/29     Shade Out Drugs”  Students may wear sunglasses with their regular school uniform.

THURSDAY 10/30        Door Decorating Contest

FRIDAY  10/31      “Wear Red Day”     Students may come out of uniform this day as long as they wear something red. (i.e. red shirt. jeans, tennis shoes)

Spanish for the Week of October 20, 2014

Second quarter begins this week!  Here’s what we have planned in Spanish to begin the new quarter:

Pre-K:  We will be playing a game to keep reinforcing our colors and days of the week in Spanish.

Kindergarten:  We will continue playing “Memory” to work on our Spanish Days of the Week.

First Grade:  We will review our Spanish colors this week with a song, video, and game.

Second Grade:  We will be practicing our Spanish colors this week with a color by number picture.

Third Grade:  We will continue our discussion of gender and articles with Spanish nouns.

Fourth Grade:  We will begin reviewing words for parts of the body in Spanish.

Fifth Grade:  We will begin working on Lesson 6 this week which covers making sentences negative and forming questions.

Sixth Grade:  We begin Unit 2 this week and will work on vocabulary.  Students will complete a Tic-Tac-Do Activity to practice the words, and there will be a quiz on Thursday, 10/30.

Seventh Grade:  We will introduce and practice a new grammar concept this week:  verbs like gustar, aburrir, and interesar.

Eighth Grade:  We will have a quiz on the verbs saber, conocer, and stem-changing verbs on Wednesday.


Have a great week!