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Storytelling Around the World


Third and fifth grade explored the world of story telling through the lens’ of other cultures.  Students learned about the dances of the Irish, the colorful mighty dragon of the Chinese, the hieroglyphics of the Ancient Egyptians, the gods and goddess of the Grecian, and the songs of the Native Americans.  Applying this new found knowledge the students worked in groups to tell their own story using the methods of the culture they researched.  Ms. Hamlett and I are extremely proud of our students.  They have a deeper understanding of other cultures, why stories are so important to sharing traditions, and why knowing your own heritage and story is important for future generations.

To conclude our project a friend of Ms. Hamlett joined us. The inspiring Garteh Laffely shared is award winning Native American Flute skills with the SJV community.  He connected culture to community through his own story.  We were happy to honest Gareth and hope to have other interactions with him in the future.

Check out the talent of our students and of Gareth!



Multiplication Facts!

Third graders have been working on mastering our multiplication facts since October!!  We are almost there.  We have been using this great multiplication mash-up to help us learn those facts.  Join in, sing, and dance along with McCarthy Math Academy’s great multiplication mash-up at!



Cultural Food Day

“Culture is the intersection of people and life itself. It how we deal with life, love, death, birth, disappointment… all of that is expressed in culture.”  -Unknown

As third grade explored the many cultures that make up our world and even our own classroom, we discovered the beauty the knits each of us together.  We built bridges of understanding, we celebrated the uniqueness of others, and we developed a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We concluded with a meal together.  We had food that represented our heritage.  Irish Stew, Churros, empanadas, vegetable fried rice, Irish Soda Bread, Tres Leches Cakes, fruits, vegetables, and Irish cupcakes  were all at the Third grade cultural food day feast!

Fairy Tales and STEM

We have begun our fairy tale unit in third grade!  We will be discussing the normal concepts of fairy tales like: elements of a fairy tale, adaptation, and fractured fairy tales.  In addition to this, we will also relate our science unit through STEM to the fairy tales!

Yesterday, students built Cinderella’s castle using pattern blocks!





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Cultural Food Day:

Please let me know what you are bringing for cultural food day on May 10th!

Several parents have signed up for some yummy food like:


-Irish Beef Stew

-Irish Cupcakes

Please feel free to bring anything that represents your family’s culture! PBJ sandwiches counts!

May Crowning:

May 4th the students crown Mary! Please come with flowers for that day. They can be from your flower bed at home!!

Field Day

May 5th

Pizza is being provided for lunch for all students!! Activities will begin at 12:00. Third grade must bring their P.E. clothes to change into after adoration.

We have four more weeks of school! We still have learning to do. Please help your children remember that they still have learning to do. We will begin our Fairy Tale Unit next week! There will be no more Imagine IT stories and vocabulary.

Thank you!