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Understanding Confession

This booklet might help your family and 3rd grader understand this sacrament.  Penance Booklet

Quick Update

Due to pep rally and Valentine party I failed to post on Ascend, but there is no new Homework!  Math test over Chapter 7 is tomorrow, Wednesday.

Valentine’s Day we celebrate the love we have for one another through Christ. Without Christ the word love wouldn’t even be in our vocabulary. Through my time as a teacher, I have learned a great deal from my students who showChrist love to one another.  May your hearts be filled with love this season.

Indoor Recess

With unpredictable weather, recess can be a challenge.  SJV students in 1st-4th grade got grooving and moving  with GoNoodle!



STEM Day with Austin Peay University

Austin Peay University joined SJV today for our STEM field day.  The upper elementary grades discovered the importance of STEM to run a cookie business. The students had to use their science expertise to explain how objects float in order to engineer a boat to float from the start of the Mississippi River in MN all the way to NOLA to deliver delicious cookies.  In small groups, the students used a budget, graph paper, and experience to design and build a boat.  Then the students tested out their boats!  The winning group’s boat held 47 cookies. Fun was had by all!


IMG_2712 IMG_2715 IMG_2716 IMG_2724 IMG_2732 IMG_2734 IMG_2741

Look What’s Happening

Out-of-Uniform for Party Gras Donations is Jan. 20:

You will receive a pass on Wednesday if your family has made a silent auction item donation to party gras!

First A Project Deadline: 

The students are coming home with a project for social studies.  This project will count as a big portion of their grade this semester. In other words we will have a few other grades for social studies, but this quarter we will spend a lot of time in science. 

  2nd– Written report (Jan. 20)

3rd– oral presentation (Jan. 27).   

Upcoming Test:

**Note the Change of Dates Please

-Jan. 18 Test over Solar System (Study Guide will come home next week) Study tonight Gave one Extra Day to Study

-Jan. 27 quiz over Weather unit (Study notes will come home)

Every Friday a reading and spelling test will be given.  Also open book religion assessments will be given weekly.

P.s. The space and weather is one unit, but I am breaking it into two separate assessments. 

Mass Schedule:

All School Mass- Jan. 19

Feast Day Mass- Jan. 25

All School Mass- Jan. 26

Upcoming Events:

Jan. 22: Open House 12-2 (Share the greatness of SJV with the community)

Jan. 30-Feb. 3: Catholic Schools Week:

-Monday: Student Appreciation

-Tuesday: Parent Appreciation

-Wednesday: Saint John Vianney

-Thursday: Teacher Appreciation

-Friday: Grandparents’ Day (invite grandparents to join us for Mass and a short program)

Feb. 3: Grandparents Day and ½ day