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This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

5/9 -8 Fact Quiz

5/10 Math Test

5/12 Reading Test, Spelling Test

5/19 Confession and 1st Communion Practice

5/20 First Communion at 4:30

5/23 Field Trip to Adventure Science Center

5/26 Last Day of School! Mass, Awards Ceremony, End of Year Party, 11:30 dismissal


Reading: This week’s story is “Akiak: A Tale of the Iditarod.” Vocabulary words are rumble, snapped, squinted, shifted, burrowed, rugged, and snowdrift. Test on Friday.

Spelling: Test on Friday.

join, spoil, annoy, choice, noise, voyage, coin, enjoy, boil, destroy, royal, appoint, moist

Language Arts: We will be biography book reports on brave Americans.

Math: Test over measurement on Wednesday. We begin learning multiplication!

Science: This week we are learning about Earth’s weather including the water cycle, clouds, and tools used to tell us about the weather.

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

5/2 -6 fact quiz, Religion test

5/3 Social Studies test

5/4 May Crowning during 10am Mass, Language Test

5/5 Reading Test, Spelling Test, Field Day 12pm-3pm

5/20 First Holy Communion at 4:30pm Mass


Reading: This week we are reading “The Empty Pot,” a Chinese folktale retold by Demi. Vocabulary words are transferred, sprout, tended, kingdom, courage, and blossom. Test on Friday.

Spelling: Test on Friday

cough, dough, fought, though, thought, rough, although, tough, ought, thoughtful, thorough, sourdough

Language Arts: We are finishing up our unit on adjectives and adverbs. Test over these parts of speech will be on Thursday.

Math: We are learning about units of measure including cups, pints, quarts, gallons, ounces, and pounds. We will also be measuring using centimeters.

Religion: Test over Ascension and Pentecost will be on Tuesday. We will begin discussing the sacrament of the Eucharist in more depth and practicing how to receive Jesus.

Social Studies: Test over government will be on Wednesday. We will also be making maps.

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

4/25 -4 Fact Quiz

4/27 -5 Fact Quiz

4/28 Reading Test, Spelling Test

5/4 May Crowning during Mass, Art and Music Show in the evening

5/5 Field Day

5/11 Light of Leadership during Mass

5/15 CIA meeting at 6pm

5/20 First Holy Communion at 4:30pm. Please be at the church by 4pm.


Reading: We are reading “The Hole in the Dike,” a legend that tells of how a boy saved Holland. Vocabulary words are rumbling, flooded, windmills, trickling, numb, and dikes. Test is on Friday.

Spelling: Test on Friday.

walk, overall, bought, call, always, sought, taught, caught, halt, small, daughter, chalk, brought, sidewalk

Language Arts: This week we are identifying adverbs and telling if they describe how, when, or where. We are also continuing to practice cursive.

Math: This week we are predicting outcomes, telling how likely an event is to occur, and describing events as certain, possible, or impossible. There will be two fact quizzes this week: -4 on Tuesday and -5 on Thursday.

Religion: We are learning about the Ascension of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. We are also reviewing and learning more about the seven sacraments.

Social Studies: We are learning about the United States, including the three branches of government, U.S. landmarks, and patriotic symbols.

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

4/11 -1 Fact Quiz

4/13 -2 Fact Quiz, Spelling Test, No Mass, 11:30 Dismissal

4/14 Good Friday–No School

4/17 Easter Monday–No School

5/20 First Holy Communion at 4:30pm


Reading: We are reading stories about celebrating Easter and doing activities for each one.

Spelling: Test on Thursday.

listen, castle, rustle, whistle, rhino, answer, doubt, island, would, could, chaos, kneel, while, written, plumber

Language Arts: This week we are identifying and writing comparative adjectives.

Math: This week we are working with 3-digit numbers. A test will be given next week on writing 3-digit numbers, expanded form, adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers, and adding dollar amounts.

Religion: This week is Holy Week. We are discussing Good Friday and the Stations of the Cross.

Science: We are continuing our unit on the Solar System. This week’s topics include the what causes season, the moon, and moon phases.

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

3/28 +9 Fact Quiz

3/30 Unit 4 Reading Vocabulary Review Quiz, Math Chapter 7 Test

3/31 Unit 4 Spelling Review Test, Reading Benchmark Assessment

4/3-4/7 ITBS Testing

4/13 Holy Thursday, 11:30 Dismissal

4/14 Good Friday-No School

4/17 Easter Monday-No School


Reading: We have finished Unit 4 and will be reviewing the selections we have read. A quiz over vocabulary words will be given on Thursday.

Spelling: Review Test on Friday.

Language Arts: We have started a new unit on adjectives and adverbs. The students will continue to practice cursive letters.

Math: A test over Chapter 7 will be given on Thursday. The test will cover counting money (dollars and coins) and telling time.

Religion: We are learning about the parts of Mass (Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, and Concluding Rites). We will also discuss what we do during each part.

Science: Our next unit in Science is on the Solar System. We will be learning about constellations, the sun, what causes night and day and the seasons, and the moon and its phases.