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2nd Grade Art: Making clay shapes and exploring the Color Wheel

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This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

3/24 Zoo Wildlife on Wheels

3/25 Report Cards

3/26 Math Written Test

3/27 Reading and Spelling Tests; SJV Play 6:00pm

3/28 SJV Play 1:00pm

4/2 Holy Thursday: 11:30 dismissal

4/3 Good Friday: No School

4/6 Easter Monday: No School

5/2 First Holy Communion 4:30pm


Reading: We are continuing our unit on animal camouflage. This week our story is “How to Hide an Octopus and Other Sea Creatures,” a rhyming nonfiction text. Vocabulary words are glides, creatures, fades, proceeds, designed, and delay. Test is on Friday.

Language Arts: We are writing book reviews and learning about pronouns. We will also be working on cursive letters d and o.

Spelling: Test Friday

look, good, soot, shook, stood, foot, brook, wood, hoof, hook, uncooked, childhood, checkbook, understood

Math: Written Test on Thursday. We are learning subtracting 6 facts, rounding to the nearest 10, estimating, and finding one half of a set of objects.

Religion: First Holy Communion is approaching quickly! The next 6 weeks will be spent mainly on preparing for Holy Communion. We will be learning that Jesus is really and truly present in the Eucharist, although it may still look and taste like bread and wine. We will also be learning how this sacrament is related to the Last Supper, Good Friday, and the Resurrection.

Science: We are reviewing landforms and learning how weathering and erosion changes Earth’s surface.

Spanish Classes for the Week of March 23, 2015

Welcome back from Spring Break!  Here’s what is planned for Spanish classes this week:

Pre-K through 2nd Grade:  We will have abbreviated Spanish classes this week due to All-School Mass on Wednesday.  We will only have time to complete our normal conversation routine, along with calendar and weather.

3rd Grade & 4th Grade:  We got back into our Spanish routine after a few weeks off for ITBS Testing.  In both classes, we continued our normal conversation and calendar routines.  In third grade we also reviewed some vocabulary from third quarter by playing hangman, and in fourth grade, we began Lesson 8, discussing how to tell time.

5th Grade:  We will do a quick review of our Lesson 10 vocabulary and the verb ser before starting Lesson 11 and conjugating regular -ir verbs.

6th Grade:  We are finishing up Unit 4, with a brief lesson on the Spanish word “de” and contraction “del.”  We will conclude the unit with some reading comprehension practice.

7th Grade:  We will learn how to conjugate regular -ar verbs in the preterite tense.  There will be a quiz on this topic on Monday, March 30.

8th Grade:  This quarter we will review all Spanish concepts covered, in preparation for the comprehensive Spanish exam in May, which will also prepare students to take the high school Spanish placement exam.

SJV Wildcat 5K – Registration Still Open

Our races are this Saturday, April 18 at 8:00 am.  You are still welcome to register online, or the morning of the event from 7:00 – 7:30.  This is a fun morning where families can have fun and enjoy a healthy activity while supporting SJV!  Please join us, and invite your friends and neighbors as well.  Walkers are welcome too!  2015 5K Registration

Thank You from the SJV Student Council




The SJV Student Council would like to pass along these words of thanks to all families who helped them feed hungry children in Sumner County!Student Council Thank you 2015 001