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2nd Grade ART: Chinese New Year Dragon Puppet

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This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

2/10: Valentine’s Day Party money due -$1; Fact Test: -4 facts

2/12: Reading Test, Spelling Test, Valentine’s Day Party (bring in a decorated box and Valentines for classmates)

2/13: No School

2/16: Presidents’ Day-No School

2/18: Ash Wednesday- All School Mass; Habitat Project due


Reading: This week we start a new unit called Look Again. We will be reading a variety of stories about how and why animals use camouflage. The first selection is “Animal Camouflage,” an expository text that uses photographs to show the different kinds of camouflage animals use. Vocabulary words are camouflage, pretenders, mimicry, blend, surroundings, and patterns. Test is on Thursday. Don’t forget to check and initial your child’s Reading Log each night.

Language Arts: We are reviewing subject-verb agreement. We will continue to practice using past-tense verbs.

Spelling: Test on Thursday.

hoop, tooth, mood, igloo, soon, bloom, food, room, pooch, pool, noodle, rooster, school, raccoon, balloon

Math: Fact test on -4 facts on Tuesday. This week we are learning about place value, telling time to five minute intervals, and identifying gallon, half-gallon, quart, and liter containers.

Religion: We are learning about some of the miracles Jesus performed.

Science: We are continuing to learn about different habitats and animal adaptations. We will also be talking about how plants and animals help each other.

Spanish Classes for the Week of February 9, 2015

Here’s what’s in store for Spanish classes for the week of February 9:

Pre-K:  Last week, we began making Spanish Valentine’s Day cards, and reinforcing the Spanish phrase “te amo” which we learned the week before in a Spanish book we read together.  We will finish our Valentine’s this week, so that the students can bring them home.

Kindergarten:  We will continue working on food vocabulary by making Bingo cards and playing Bingo to practice these words.

First Grade:  This week we will finish drawing and labeling our own version of “El Mar,” focusing on key Spanish vocabulary words, based on the “imaginary field trip” to the beach we took.

Second Grade:  We will play Bingo to reinforce the words we have learned for the parts of the body.

Third Grade:  We will spend one more week using the vocabulary words we learned for the parts of the body.  This week we will review gender and number in Spanish nouns.

Fourth Grade:  We will begin Lesson 4 in our textbooks, talking about ordering in Spanish at a restaurant, food vocabulary, types of money in Spanish-speaking countries, and Guatemala.

Fifth Grade:  We will review for our Lesson 8 and 9 test, which will be on Thursday.

Sixth Grade:  We will continue working on Unit 4 Vocabulary in preparation for our vocabulary quiz on Thursday.

Seventh Grade:  We will review for our Unit 3 Test on Wednesday.

Eighth Grade:  We finish our discussion of Reflexive Verbs and Lesson 6 in the textbook with a short quiz on Thursday.



SJV Student Council organized a Social Justice Service Project during Catholic Schools Week to help the homeless students in Sumner County. Food items were collected to put into food packs for the students to take home after school. Thanks to the SJV parents and students the Students Council was able to meet their goal of making 70 food packs for the Sumner County students.



This Week in 2nd Grade


Important Dates

2/4: Reading Test

2/6: Spelling Review Test; Benchmark Assessment; Adoration

2/12: Valentine’s Day Party

2/13: No School


Reading: Test over “Grandpa’s Corner Store” will be on Wednesday. This is a Benchmark week so we will be reviewing the selections we have read and comprehension strategies we have learned. Benchmark Assessment will be given on Friday.

Language Arts: We are continuing to talk about verb tenses and subject-verb agreement.

Spelling: Unit 3 review test will be given on Friday. Students will need to circle the correctly spelled words in each line of three words.

Math: We are practicing subtracting 4 facts, measuring and drawing line segments to the nearest half inch, adding two-digit numbers with a sum greater than 100, and using base ten blocks.

Religion: We are talking about prayer, including the Our Father, when to pray, and the different kinds of prayer.

Science: This week we will continue to learn about different land and water habitats. We will also begin learning about animal adaptations, such as camouflage, migration, and hibernation.