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This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

10/26-10/30 Red Ribbon Week

10/26 STEM Field Day; “Team Up Against Drugs”-students may wear their favorite team jersey

10/27 “Put a Cap on Drugs”-students may wear a hat

10/28 “Shade Out Drugs”-students can wear sunglasses

10/29 “Hugs Not Drugs”- students can bring a stuffed animal

10/30 “Follow Your Dreams…Don’t Do Drugs”-students may wear pajamas; Fact Test; Saint Project due; Fall Pep Rally; Fall Party

11/2 Reading and Spelling Tests

Reading: This week we are reading “Hungry Hoppers,” an expository text about the life cycle of grasshoppers. Vocabulary words for this selection are cycle, sensing, antennae, fussy, and dull. Due to the this week’s special activities, the test over “Hungry Hoppers” will be on Monday, November 2nd.

Language Arts: We are learning about paragraphs and nouns.

Spelling: Test on Monday, November 2nd

tail, reach, queen, fear, say, gave, sweet, acorn, player, even, underneath, always, depend, wait

Math: We are practicing addition facts with the sum of 10. The only new facts are 3+7=10 and 4+6=10. Fact Test on Friday. We are learning about fact families, making bar graphs, tallying, and counting by 5’s.

Religion: In preparation for All Saints’ Day on Sunday, students will be choosing a saint to research. We will work on it some in class and must be completed by Friday. We are also learning about Noah, Abraham, and King David.

Science: We are beginning to learn about the human body. We will talk about how drugs and how other substances can be harmful to our bodies.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is October 26-30.  Our theme for this year is “We Are Paws-itively Drug Free”  Please refer to the following schedule for the week’s activities.

MONDAY (10/26)  Team Up Against Drugs”  Students may wear their favorite team jersey with appropriate sweat pants or PE shorts.

TUESDAY (10/27)  “Put A Cap On Drugs”     Students may wear a hat with their regular school uniforms. 

WEDNESDAY (10/28)  “Shade out Drugs     Students may wear sunglasses with their regular school uniforms.

THURSDAY (10/29)  “Hugs, Not Drugs”     Students in grades PK- 2nd may bring in their favorite stuffed animal.  Students in grades 3-8 will receive a special “chocolate hugs” treat.

 “FRIDAY (10/30)   Follow Your Dreams…Don’t Do Drugs”     Students may wear pajamas to school.

Please be advised, if students do not follow the guidelines below for pajama day, parents will be called to bring their uniform to school that day.

  1.  Pajama pants and shirts must be worn
  2. Shirts must have sleeves
  3. No shorts
  4. No leggings
  5. Tennis shoes must be worn- NO SLIPPERS

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

10/20 Fun Run T-Shirt Out of Uniform Day; Religion Quiz

10/21 Social Studies Quiz; Fact Test; Party Money Due

10/22 No Mass; Reading Test; Spelling Test; Fire Prevention presentation

10/23 No School; Parent-Teacher Conferences

10/26-10/30 Red Ribbon Week

10/26 STEM Field Day; Golf Tournament

10/30 Fall Party

Reading: We are reading “If You Find a Rock,” a nonfiction story about different types of rocks you may find outside and what you can do with them. Vocabulary words are trace, fossil, print, outstretched, and chain. Test is on Thursday.

Spelling: Test on Thursday.

stay, rain, base, April, May, chain, trace, play, paid, fable, waist, railroad, pavement, flavor, Thursday

Math: Fact Test on facts with sums of 8 and 9 will be on Wednesday. We are also learning about thermometers, counting dimes and pennies, and writing fact families.

Religion: Quiz over Adam and Eve and Baptism will be on Tuesday. We will begin learning about Noah and Abraham.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our map unit with a map making project. Quiz on map skills will be on Wednesday.

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

10/14 Math Test

10/16 Reading and Spelling Test

10/23 No School; Parent-Teacher Conferences


Reading: We are starting a new unit this week. The unit theme is Let’s Explore. Our first selection is an expository text called “Ants! They are hard workers!” Vocabulary words are cocoon, tunnels, invade, enemies, and insects. Test is on Friday.

Language Arts: We are learning how to use dictionaries and time order words. We are also reviewing various language arts skills.

Spelling: Test on Friday.

real, sleep, we, feel, east, green, team, belong, knee, clear, peach, cheese, please, between, eagle

Math: Written Test on Wednesday. We are learning addition facts with sums of 8 and 9. We will also be working on telling and showing time to the half hour, estimating temperature, and reading a thermometer to the nearest 10 degrees.

Religion: We are learning about the effects of Original Sin and Baptism.

Social Studies: This week we are using maps. We will be learning about map keys, compass rose, cardinal directions, and grid maps.

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

9/30 Language Arts test; Fact Test; Fun Run Assembly

10/1 Mass; Benchmark Assessment; Social Studies Test

10/2 No School

10/5-10/9 Fall Break


Reading: There is no regular story or test this week because we have finished Unit 1. We will be taking our 2nd Benchmark Assessment on Thursday. We will be discussing the stories in Unit 1 and reviewing the vocabulary words we have learned.

Language Arts: We will be reviewing for our test on Wednesday. The test will cover the four kinds of sentences (statement, question, command, exclamation), subjects and predicates, combining subjects, and commas in a series.

Spelling: No test this week. We will be reviewing words we learned in Unit 1.

Math: We are learning more about fractions and dividing shapes in half. We are continuing to practice doubles plus one facts.

Religion: We are learning about Adam and Eve and why they had to leave the Garden of Eden.

Social Studies: We are learning how communication and transportation have changed in communities. We will be reviewing for the test on Thursday. The test will cover the three kinds of communities (urban, suburban, and rural) and communication and transportation and how they have changed over time.