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This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

11/8 Reading Test; Noun Test; Kids on the Block Program

11/9 Religion Test

11/10 Math Test

11/11 Spelling Test; Veterans’ Day assembly at 2pm in the gym

11/22 Thanksgiving Feast 11am-1pm

12/1 Parent Meeting for First Reconciliation at 6:30pm

12/5 First Reconciliation at 6:30pm


Reading: Test over “Birdhouse for Rent” is on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will be starting a new selection about trees. “Tell Me, Trees” is an expository text all about the lives and varieties of trees. Vocabulary words are trunks, limbs, stems, minerals, and sprouts. The test over this selection will be on Tuesday, November 15.

Language: Test over nouns on Tuesday. We will be writing paragraphs with details.

Spelling: Test on Friday.

very, germ, cell, civil, chief, funny, thief, rigid, baby, brief, grieve, cancel

Math: We are finishing up Chapter 2. A test over Chapter 2 will be given on Thursday.

Religion: We are learning about the Commandments and sin. We will be discussing the difference between a sin and an accident or mistake and the two kinds of sin: mortal and venial.

Social Studies: We are learning about elections and the jobs of the president. We will also be learning about early explorers to America. SJV will have an assembly in honor of Veterans’ Day this Friday. Students will be reading a poem and distributing cards they have created to the veterans.

Buddy Time

buddies1 buddies2 buddies3 buddies4

The 8th grade got to spend time with their buddies!  Together they created turkeys that will decorate Thanksgiving boxes given to those in need.  We also played games, read books, and played with Legos!

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

11/1 All Saints’ Day Mass at 10am; All Saints’ Day Projects Due; Winter Uniform Begins

11/2 Social Studies Quiz

11/3 Mass

11/4 Reading and Spelling Tests; Adoration

11/14 CIA Meeting

11/22 Thanksgiving Feast

11/23-11/25 Thanksgiving Break


Reading: We are reading “Birdhouse for Rent.” Vocabulary words are tenants, vacant, examined, rent, and deserted. Test is on Friday.

Language: We will be reviewing nouns and writing paragraphs.

Spelling: Test on Friday.

age, peace, pencil, magic, ice, digit, face, gem, city, large, piece, gentle, tragic, century, excite

Math: We are counting number patterns, identifying and writing ordinal numbers to 31st, and solving problems using logical reasoning.

Religion: We are learning more about the 10 Commandments.

Social Studies: We are starting a unit on American history. We will be learning about early explorers, Native Americans, and Pilgrims.

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

It’s Red Ribbon Week!

10/25 “Hats Off to Being Drug Free” Wear your favorite hat/cap with your regular uniform

10/26 “Team Up Against Drugs” Wear your favorite team shirt/jersey with jeans or sweat pants. Fall Party Money Due ($1)

10/27 “Hugs, Not Drugs” Bring in a stuffed animal to hug during the day.

10/28 “I’m Too Bright for That!” Wear sunglasses with your regular uniform. Reading and Spelling Tests.


Reading: We are reading “Hungry Hoppers: Grasshoppers in Your Backyard.” Vocabulary words are antennae, fussy, cycle, dull, and sensing. Test is on Friday.

Language: We are identifying and writing possessive nouns.

Spelling: Test on Friday.

tail, reach, queen, fear, say, gave, sweet, acorn, player, even, underneath, always, depend, wait, sneeze

Math: We are estimating, rounding to the nearest 10, identifying even and odd numbers, and counting by 3s and 4s.

Religion: All Saints’ Day project is due on November 1st. Students checked out books from the library about their chosen saints. Students may use those books or other sources to find the required information for their saint. We are also learning about Moses and the Ten Commandments.

Science/Health: In conjunction with Red Ribbon Week, we are discussing drug and poison safety, what to do in an emergency, and how to refuse items that are bad for us.


This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

10/18 Science Test; Plant Project Due

10/19 Religion Test

10/20 Reading Test; Spelling Test

10/21 No School; Parent Teacher Conferences


Reading: We are reading “If You Find a Rock.” Vocabulary words are chain, trace, outstretched, print, and fossil. We will be comparing and contrasting the types of rocks discussed in the selection. Students are encouraged to bring in any rocks from home that they would like to share with the class. Test is on Thursday.

Language Arts: We are continuing to learn about nouns. This week we will be learning about regular and irregular nouns.

Spelling: Test on Thursday.

stay, rain, base, April, May, chain, trace, play, paid, fable, waist, railroad, pavement, flavor, Thursday

Math: This week we are comparing and ordering 2-digit numbers.

Religion: We are learning about faithfulness, obedience, and love for God through the stories of Abraham and David. A test over Chapters 6-7 will be given on Wednesday.

Science: We are finishing up the chapter on plants. A test over Unit A Chapter 1: Plants Grow and Change will be given on Tuesday. Plant projects are due on Tuesday.