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Don’t Miss Back to School Night – August 25 – 6-8 pm

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This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

8/25  Back to School Night 6pm-8pm

8/26 Reading and Spelling Tests

8/31  Wildcat Wednesday

9/2  Adoration

9/5 Labor Day — No School


*Remember to come to Back to School Night on Thursday! You will have the opportunity to meet all the teachers your child sees each week. There will also be special prizes and treats and the chance to earn an out-of-uniform pass for your child!*


Reading: This week we start Unit 1. The theme for this unit is Kindness. Our first reading test will be this Friday on Because of You. We will be reading and discussing the selection all week and students will complete and bring home a study guide on Thursday. Students will need to know the following vocabulary words: share, friendly, precious, feelings, and care.

Language Arts: We are continuing to work on the 4 kinds of sentences and correct punctuation for each kind.

Spelling: Test on Friday. Weekly Homework is due on Friday. Please initial beside each activity your child completes at home and attach any extra pages. This assignment is worth 40 points (10 points for each activity). This week’s words are:

mild, care, pilot, lady, bake, time, sale, ride, able, kind, apron, final, quite, quiet, share

Math: We are continuing to practice addition facts and learn strategies to add quicker.

Religion: This week we are learning about the Holy Trinity.

Science: We are learning about the different tools scientists use, including microscopes, thermometers, scales, and magnifying glasses.

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Events

8/18 Mass at 10am

8/19 Benchmark Assessment in Reading (no studying required); Practice Religion Quiz

8/25 Back to School Night 6-8pm

9/12 CIA meeting at 6pm hosted by 2nd Grade


Reading: We are comparing folktales, learning how to choose a “just right” book, reviewing phonics skills, and learning new high-frequency words. A Benchmark Assessment will be given on Friday. The purpose of this assessment is to assess students’ abilities in comprehension and other skills that are taught throughout the year. There is no studying for this assessment and a grade will not be given for it.

Spelling: Starts next week!

Language Arts: This week we are learning about complete sentences and fragments and the four kinds of sentences: statement, question, command, and exclamation.

Math: We are starting Chapter 1 in Progress in Mathematics. We will be practicing addition and subtraction skills and learning strategies to solve word problems.

Religion: This week we will continue to learn about God the Father. A practice quiz will be given on Friday.

Science: We are learning about bullying, how to stop it and how not to be one. We will also begin to work with Science Studies Weekly. Week 1 covers the importance of observations and predictions in science and how scientists do their jobs.


Spanish Classes Have Begun!

Spanish classes began this week!

On Wednesday, each middle school class met to go over expectations and to receive textbooks and workbooks.  Make sure to go over the class syllabus and textbook with your student and sign and return the acknowledgment form on Monday, 8/15.  Middle school students will receive their first vocabulary lists on Monday 8/15, and will have their first vocabulary quiz on Wednesday, 8/24.

On Friday, all of the elementary classes met for the first time.  It was an opportunity to introduce/review classroom routines.  Check on AscendSMS each week to find out what the topics and activities were for that class period.

I look forward to working with your students this year!  Please call or email if you have any questions.

-Mrs. McCormick

Welcome to 2nd Grade!


Welcome Back!

We had a great first day of school in 2nd Grade! I enjoyed getting to know each student today. Please check this page weekly for updates on what we are doing in each subject, dates for tests, and reminders about events happening at SJV. I am looking forward to great year!


Ms. Wright


Important Dates

8/15: CIA meeting at 3:30 in Spanish/Music Room

8/18: Mass at 10am (Students must wear Mass uniforms)

8/25 Mass at 10am; Back to School Night 6-8pm


Reading: This week we will be sharing our Summer Reading Book Reports and reviewing phonics skills.

Language Arts: We will be learning how to write in our journals.

Math: We will be reviewing first grade skills in preparation for learning new content.

Religion: This week we will be learning about God the Father and how He made each of us special.

Science/Health: We will be making items to go in our class time capsule that will be opened at the end of the year. We will also talk about what makes us unique and how to treat others.