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This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

2/14 Religion Test; Valentine’s Day Party

2/16 Reading Test; Spelling Test

2/17-2/20 No School

Reading: We start a new unit today called Look Again. Our first selection is “Animal Camouflage,” an expository text about how and why animals use camouflage. Vocabulary words are camouflage, surroundings, patterns, blend, mimicry, and pretenders. Test is on Thursday.

Spelling: Test on Thursday.

hoop, tooth, mood, igloo, soon, bloom, food, room, pooch, pool, noodle, rooster, school, raccoon, balloon

Language: We are learning about pronouns.

Math: This week we are starting Chapter 6 on geometry. We will be learning about solid figures and plane figures.

Religion: Test over the Our Father and the miracles of Jesus will be on Tuesday. We will starting preparing for 1st Holy Communion by learning about the Last Supper.

Science: This week we are continuing to learn about habitats and how animals survive in their habitats.

Indoor Recess

With unpredictable weather, recess can be a challenge.  SJV students in 1st-4th grade got grooving and moving  with GoNoodle!



This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

2/9 Math test; Vocabulary quiz; Mass

2/10 Spelling Test; SJV Play

2/13 CIA meeting at 3:30

2/14 Happy Valentine’s Day! Please bring a box and Valentines for your friends.

2/17 No School

2/20 No School

2/25 Party Gras!

Reading: We are finished with Unit 3. We will be reviewing the selections we read in this chapter and the vocabulary words we learned. A vocabulary review quiz will be given on Thursday. Students will take the Benchmark Assessment on Friday.

Spelling: Unit 3 Review Test is on Friday.

Language: We are writing paragraphs this week.

Math: This week we are finishing up Chapter 5 on subtraction. Test will be on Thursday.

Religion: The miracles of Jesus is the topic of our next chapter. We are learning about his first miracle and several others that help people believe that he is the Son of God.

Science: Our new chapter is all about animal habitats. We will be learning about land and water habitats as well as food chains.

STEM Day with Austin Peay University

Austin Peay University joined SJV today for our STEM field day.  The upper elementary grades discovered the importance of STEM to run a cookie business. The students had to use their science expertise to explain how objects float in order to engineer a boat to float from the start of the Mississippi River in MN all the way to NOLA to deliver delicious cookies.  In small groups, the students used a budget, graph paper, and experience to design and build a boat.  Then the students tested out their boats!  The winning group’s boat held 47 cookies. Fun was had by all!


IMG_2712 IMG_2715 IMG_2716 IMG_2724 IMG_2732 IMG_2734 IMG_2741

This Week in 2nd Grade

It’s Catholic Schools Week! We will be doing special activities each day.

Important Dates

1/31 Parent Appreciation Day

2/1 SJV Day; Science Test

2/2 Teacher Appreciation Day; Spelling Test

2/3 Grandparents Day; 8am Mass followed by a program in the gym; 11:30 dismissal

2/7 Reading Test


Reading: We are finishing up Unit 3 with “Grandpa’s Corner Store.” The test for this selection will be on Tuesday February 7th. Vocabulary words are tingle, aisles, sharp, construction, arrangement, and huddled.

Spelling: Test is on Thursday.

open, humid, until, person, cancel, fuel, begin, wagon, number, minus, continue, dial, united, radio, moment

Language: We will be writing letters and persuasive paragraphs.

Math: We are using addition to check subtraction and solving chain operations.

Religion: This week we are learning about the miracles of Jesus. We will also be working on our class project for Party Gras. Please send a rosary with your child on Wednesday if you have one at home. If you do not have one, I have extras they can use. I will be taking photographs of students’ hands holding the rosaries.

Science: Test over kinds of animals and their life cycles will be on Wednesday. We will review the chapter in class on Tuesday.