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Food Bank Donation Day #1- November 16th

Don’t forget that the first donation day for Sumner County Food Bank is on November 16th.  If you are participating, make sure you are looking for opportunities for your child to earn money to donate.  Any amount you can give will help those in need during the Thanksgiving season.

First Grade Topics of Study

Language Arts:

This week we will be working on generating words with the long I sound by using the v-c-e pattern, the soft sound of /c/ when followed by /ce/ and /ci/, as well as the soft sound of /g/ when followed by /ge/ and /gi/.


For the next two weeks we will be working on drafting a friendly letter.  We will also continue to review the 4 different types of sentences.

Spelling:  **Test will be on Thursday**

kite, ride, pride, mine, slide, like, spice, drive, where, was….challenge words ** ocean, middle**


Using touch math to add simple addition sentences by saying the larger number and counting on.  We will continue to work on doubles  facts and adding one to a number.

Social Studies:

Continue to discuss Where We Live with focus on land, water and weather.  We will be reviewing the 7 continents and 4 oceans that make up our Earth.  We will have a test next week on Where we live.  Check back for dates.


Quiz tomorrow over the story of Adam and Eve.  We will be taking a closer look at original sin and the sacrament of baptism.  Students will be participating in the “living rosary” this Wednesday following mass.



10/21 – conferences.

10/19 – living rosary

10/20 – Fun run awards assembly

*Reading trails are due in 2 weeks





First grade spelling

Spelling for the week of October 10, 2011


1. cake

2. flake

3. made

4. shade

5. came

6. game

7. pale

8. whale

9. little

10. they



What we are learning in First Grade

Language Arts:

This week in we will be exploring the first job of “e” where the “e” is silent and makes the vowel say its own name (bake, cake, wave).  We will also discuss y, v and the “le” spelling at the end of a multi syllable word.

As we begin Unit 4 in our L.A. series we will be discussing our Neighborhood at work.



The first graders will be working on creating an invitation inviting our buddies to join us for pancakes and craft next week.  We will continue to discuss different types of sentences with focus on the exclamation mark.



We will continue to work on touch math this week.  Students will begin to count the larger number in addition sentences  and then count on using touch math.  We will continue to practice our doubles facts to 18 and take a math test on Wednesday.



We will continue to discuss the story of Adam and Eve.


Social Studies:

In unit two we will be learning about where we live.  We will take a look at communities, state, countries as well as continents, bodies of water and landmarks.



We will further our discussion about seasons.



* No Mass on 10/12/11

* No school on 10/21/11 Conferences


What we are learning this week!!

Language Arts:

We will continue working on nk, ng, and qu sounds.  As we finish up Unit 3 the class will be taking an end of the unit reading test Thursday and Friday.


We will continue to work on reading and writing question sentences.

Spelling: (test Friday)

review words from our past spelling test:  just, fudge, then, jumped, help,short, chat, with, her, start.  Challenge words: come up with one word with /nk/and /ng/ spellings. (ex: skunk, wrong)


Discussing how our  5 senses are a gift from God.


Identify the parts of a flower and its function.  Last week we took our apple seeds and placed them in baggies with a wet paper towel.  We will continue to observe and record our observations as the seeds begin to sprout.


Understanding the importance of personal hygiene practices related to healthy living.


Even and odd numbers.  Also we will contiue to work on touch math as well as addition sentences. 



*Tuesday, September 27 is our field trip to Honeysuckle hill farm.  Please remember to pack your child’s lunch in a disposable bag and dress in the appropriate attire stated in the field trip letter.

*Reading Trail due September 30th

* Box top label turn in September 27

* Picture Day September 29

* 1/2 day September 30