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Topic of Study

Language Arts:

This week we are working on the “Schwa” sound in multi syllable words as well as the /ng/ /nk/ and /qu/ sound. We will be finishing up our unit on Responsibility and what it means to be responsible.



We are going to journal about being responsible for our environment and working on question sentences.  The students will be creating their own question sentences to read to the class.


Spelling Words: 

car, star, her, bird, hurt, white, when, start, girl, get.  *** Challenge** (turtle, apple)


Math: This week we are going to begin our apple unit.  We will be using our apples to create fractions, measure, and weigh.  We will also be taking our apple seeds and creating addition sentences.


Science:  We will be discuss the life cycle of an apple tree from seed to fruit and the function of a flower.  Students will learn the importance of a bee and pollination.  We will be planting apple seeds to observe, measure, and record the plants growth.


Social Studies: End of the unit test on Families.


Religion:  We will be discussing the difference between creating and making.  We will be discussing the story of creation.



* No School this Friday

* Field Trip on 9/27

* Reading Trails due 9/30


Heaven comes to Mass murals

Reading with partners

What we are studying!!!

Language Arts:

This week in L.A. we will be studying the following sounds: ar, ir, er, ur, w, and wh.  When practicing the /ar/ sound students will remember to make a hook with their fingers like a pirate for the sound.  The /er/ /ir/ /ur/ all contain the same sound but with different spellings.  The students will learn the following statement to help with memorization: “Her First Nurse Works Early”.  The last two sounds /w/ and /wh/ the w is a hard sound and /wh/ is a soft (whisper) sound.

We will continue to discuss responsibility and what does it mean through various stories, role playing and writing activities.

Sight words for the week are as follows:

six, jump, out, its


The following words are from sounds that were introduced last week.

1. for

2 .horn

3. short

4. fish

5. that

6. with

7. chat

8. lunch

9. patch


* prayer

* rules



The students did a nice job last week working on their word poems about an animal of their choice.  This week we will be focusing on writing about a topic of their choice for informational text.  Since we have been discussing responsibility, the students will be drafting a short paragraph about what it means to be responsible.


This week in math we will be studying various math concepts.  We will be using apples to divide in half, creating pictographs with our apple seeds and creating simple addition sentences using our seeds.  We will also be using touch math to work out simple addition sentences.



We will be visiting the church on Tuesday to discuss who is present during mass.  Mass is like a foretaste for Heaven.  When the priest is blessing the body and blood of Christ a little piece of Heaven comes to mass.  In church we will get a better look at the altar, tabernacle, and practice genuflecting.   The students will then come back to the classroom and work together to create a mural of what happens at the altar during mass.



Social Studies:

As we continue to discuss “Our Families” in S.S we will be finishing up our shoe box project and discussing families then and now.  We will be taking a look at different modes of transportation families use to get around as well as recognizing how household items have changed over time.  Students will experiment with cups and string to see how telephones worked in the past.



In ties with Religion, we will be cutting a plant to observe how we can become more aware of God’s constant care.  We will be planting seeds and observing how they grow.




* Fun Run is this Friday, make sure your child has a well balanced breakfast and lunch so that they may run their little hearts out.

* Library books are due back to school every Wednesday.

* Apples need to be turned in by Friday, September 16

* Reading trails due September 30….October trail will be handed out that day for fall break.






First Grade Spanish Number Bingo

The first grade class has been playing Spanish Number Bingo to help them remember their numbers in Spanish from 1-10.  They are doing a wonderful job in other areas of Spanish too.  They participate in conversation every class period and are learning to tell how they feel and what kind of day they are having.