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Balloon Friends

Letter P

Knowing our letters is easy when “P” is for popcorn!

Pictures from our last Buddy Time!

Here are pictures of the 1st and 5th grades making signs for the Teacher-8th Grade Volleyball Rematch!

Junior Science Olympiad

We have been busy in Junior Science Olympiad this year. Below are a few of the activities we have done. There are only 3 meetings left before the end of the school year!

In October, we were detectives and used all five senses to discover the identity of the hidden items.

In December, we made fake snow! The students enjoyed the cool texture of the baking soda and shampoo mixture.

We often use food in our experiments. In this one we hypothesized about what would happen to candy canes in four different liquids: water, water and baking soda, salt water, and vinegar.

In January, the first and second graders had fun with the longest paper chain challenge. The challenge required teamwork and compromise. We were very thankful for the fifth graders who came to help us!

We also learned about gravity and how finding the center of gravity allows an object to balance. Here we balanced a popsicle stick on a dowel rod using a pipe cleaner and clothespin.

There were many more activities I was not able to photograph because I get as involved in the experiments as the students do! I really enjoy the opportunity to help the students learn more about our amazing world through science and I learn just as much as they do.

Calendar of Events

March 20-24th:

  • Spring Break

March 27th:

  • School resumes

March 29th:

  • Wildcat Wednesday

April 3rd-7th:

  • IOWA Testing

April 8th:

  • SJV Wildcat 5K