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What’s happening in First Grade?


Crazy hat and/or sock day benefitting safe place for animals

SJV Student Government is organizing a crazy sock and/or hat day on April 22nd with proceeds going to benefit Safe Place for Animals here in Gallatin.  If you would like to wear crazy socks or a crazy hot to school on that day send in a dollar in an envelope or Ziploc bag with your child’s name on it and they can take their pick- a crazy hat or crazy socks!  The Student Government’s goal is 100% participation so mark your calendar and get out your dollars – and your crazy socks and hats!

SJV art and music show is Thursday, April 23rd at 6 pm

Join us on April 23rd from 5 – 7 pm for our annual Art and Music Show.  Mrs. Gulleman will be proudly displaying artwork from every student in the school for families to enjoy while Mrs. Roberts leads the elementary and middle school choir students in song and the piano students perform the classics!  See you on the 23rd!

 This week –

L/A- Unit 6 lessons 11-15-review and read words that contain /oo/ spelled oo. Read decodable books-87

            L/AAssessment for Unit 6 lesson 11-15 will be on Wednesday, April 22nd

            English- understand and use commas in a series.

            Math– Lesson 95-98- use addition fact sums of 10, Comparing the size of the unit and the number of units to measure an object, draw congruent shapes and designs, measure and draw line segments to the nearest inch and count nickels

            Math- Assessment 18 and Fact assessment 13 will be on Tuesday, April  21st

            Religion-Chapter 20: Jesus Begins His Church

   Religion- Assessment on Chapter 19 test will be due on Friday, April 24th.

Social Studies- Defines terms relating to gross surface features (125), knows the appropriate proportion of land to water on earth’s surface (128) and recognize land and water masses on a map or globe (108).

            Science- Identifies various kinds of land and water formations, describe the effects of ocean pollution; define air pollutants, and different ways pollination occurs, and define the terms “reduce, reuse and recycle”.

5K Results

Thank you everyone who came out to run the 5K! Results can be found here:


Join us for the Art & Music Show Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 5-7 in the gym!

Spanish Classes for the Week of April 13, 2015

Here are the plans for Spanish classes the week of April 13, 2015:

Pre-K:  We are going to learn Spanish words for a variety of emotions/feelings we have and complete an activity to reinforce this vocabulary.

Kindergarten:  We will play our second and final week of bingo to reinforce food vocabulary.

First Grade:  We will begin a group activity to practice our numbers, colors, and animal word vocabulary.

Second Grade:  We will finish up our activity on expressing our likes and dislikes in Spanish.

Third Grade:  We continue our practice of Spanish verbs this week.

Fourth Grade:  No class due to Biztown field trip.

Fifth Grade:  We will learn the Spanish verb estar this week, and the uses of this verb in comparison with the verb ser.  We will have a brief quiz on this information on Thursday, April 23.

Sixth Grade:  We will only meet once this week due to the Biztown field trip.  During that meeting we will introduce Unit 5 vocabulary (food) and practice these words in preparation for a quiz on Thursday, April 23.

Seventh Grade:  We are wrapping up Unit 4 and reviewing for a test on Monday, April 20.  Study guides will be distributed on Monday, April 13.

Eighth Grade:  We continue our review for the Spanish placement exam, focusing on conversation practice, the present progressive tense, and direct and indirect object pronouns.


Have a great week!

Need Volunteer Hours?

Do you need volunteer hours? We need help with the 5k!

* We will be stuffing goody bags on Thursday at 1:30

* We also need volunteers the day of the 5k.

Sign up here: