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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten

Well, its almost here!!!  Party Gras!!!  It should be a wonderful evening filled with fun and fellowship.  In preparations for Party Gras, the gym/cafeteria will be close Thursday (2/23) and Friday (2/24).  Therefore, all students will have to pack lunches and drinks.  Thank you so much for you help with this.

Here’s what’s happening in the classroom.

MATH – This week we will identify and count nickels and quarters, trade pennies for nickels, and pennies for dimes, and compare groups of coins to see which group has the greater amount.

RELIGION – This week we will continue with, and finish the story of Noah’s Ark.  We will then begin discussing the Blessed Trinity.

READING – This week we will review letters and sounds, identify the long /a/ sound, identify and produce rhyming words. understand and follow multi step directions, locate the table of contents, read and respond to a decodable, develop an understanding for new vocabulary, practice the comprehension strategies; asking questions, clarifying, analyzing and drawing conclusions.

SOCIAL STUDIES – This week we will look at the symbols of our country and of our state. 

WRITING?HANDWRITING – This week we will practice the letter Qq.  We will also begin going trough the steps of the writing process.



“Buddy” Fun

We read “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” today with our buddies.  Then we made and experimented with Oobleck.  We had a great time!



Understanding Confession

This booklet might help your family and 3rd grader understand this sacrament.  Penance Booklet

Quick Update

Due to pep rally and Valentine party I failed to post on Ascend, but there is no new Homework!  Math test over Chapter 7 is tomorrow, Wednesday.

Valentine’s Day we celebrate the love we have for one another through Christ. Without Christ the word love wouldn’t even be in our vocabulary. Through my time as a teacher, I have learned a great deal from my students who showChrist love to one another.  May your hearts be filled with love this season.

This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

2/14 Religion Test; Valentine’s Day Party

2/16 Reading Test; Spelling Test

2/17-2/20 No School

Reading: We start a new unit today called Look Again. Our first selection is “Animal Camouflage,” an expository text about how and why animals use camouflage. Vocabulary words are camouflage, surroundings, patterns, blend, mimicry, and pretenders. Test is on Thursday.

Spelling: Test on Thursday.

hoop, tooth, mood, igloo, soon, bloom, food, room, pooch, pool, noodle, rooster, school, raccoon, balloon

Language: We are learning about pronouns.

Math: This week we are starting Chapter 6 on geometry. We will be learning about solid figures and plane figures.

Religion: Test over the Our Father and the miracles of Jesus will be on Tuesday. We will starting preparing for 1st Holy Communion by learning about the Last Supper.

Science: This week we are continuing to learn about habitats and how animals survive in their habitats.