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Saint John Vianney School is a parish school supported by tuition and the contribution of the members of the parish. The primary purpose of the school is the development of the spiritual, intellectual, social, moral and physical potential of the children of Sumner County.

Registered, contributing parishioners and currently registered students will always be given priority over all other applicants for admission to the school. A contributing member is one who is registered, participating, and financially supporting the parish through the use of the envelope system on a regular basis.

Applicants for admission will be given priority in the following order:

  1. Registered, contributing parishioners of Saint John Vianney Catholic Church
  2. Registered, contributing parishioners from area Catholic parishes
  3. Non-Catholic students

Financial aid is available on a limited basis.  Families are encouraged to learn more about our tuition rates and financial aid program including rates for our extended after-school care.

Application Process

Applications for admission will not be accepted if the concerned party is in violation of the diocesan Policies for the adopted policies of Saint John Vianney School. All incoming students must submit the following records and forms to the principal before acceptance is final:

  1. A Completed Student Application…Social Security number Required
  2. An official Certificate of Birth
  3. A Certificate of Baptism
  4. Academic and all other pertinent School Records (grades, test scores, special services, etc.) The family must provide evidence that the student is in good standing at his/her prior school, showing satisfactory achievement in conduct, effort, and the academic subjects. It is the responsibility of the principal to make decisions concerning the acceptance of all applicants.
  5. Immunization and other Health Records (obtained from Pediatrician or Health Dept. if enrolling a student in school for the first time in the state of Tennessee)
  6. Special Education Records and or Psychological Evaluations (if applicable)
  7. Confirmation of parish registration and a signed subsidy card for all Catholic applicants

All records must be submitted before final approval and acceptance is given. Saint John Vianney School Administration holds the right to require assessment for entrance into its academics program. All students must meet school standards.

All admissions are subject to the approval of the Principal and are based on such criteria as:

  1. Acceptable school records
  • Academic
  • Psychological
  • Attendance
  • Conduct
  1. Predetermined Class Size

Class size may require a waiting list to be established. In such a case, the list will be generated for each grade on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on those families meeting the described admission criteria stated in this Admission Policy.

All non-parish students must be present at all religious functions in which the students are engaged. They are expected to participate in classes of religious instruction.


Admission for Kindergarten students

Students applying for acceptance to kindergarten must be five years of age by August 15th of the year as verified by a birth certificate. A readiness screening, conducted in February is required for admittance. No waiting list will be established in terms of years.

Students with Special Needs

Saint John Vianney School makes every effort to meet the needs of each student. The school is not, however, equipped to respond to the needs of students with learning disabilities. Parents are asked to supply all pertinent information having impact on the school’s ability to provide for the child’s needs.


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