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Erin Thompson

Kindergarten Teacher

Why SJV?

“Many people ask me why I left the public school system to teach here at SJV.  The answer is quite simple – family.  I am a product of catholic schools and I want the same experience for my children.  Here at SJV every child holds an important place in our school family.  They are not merely “test Scores” and “numbers”.    Students here at SJV are taught from the beginning basic moral values and how to make the right choices.  Academics are important, and here at SJV our academics are ‘top notch’.  But, even more importantly, I know when my children leave here they will be well educated, well rounded, and hold a strong moral foundation.   What more could any mother ask for?   To me, SJV is family.” – Mrs. Erin Thompson

Mrs. Thompson has been a teacher since 1998. She came to us from Nannie Berry Elementary School in Hendersonville where she taught second grade and Kindergarten for 7 years. She joined the SJV school family in 2005. Mrs. Thompson received her BA while living in Pennsylvania and received her Master’s degree from Cumberland University in 2004 in the area of Curriculum Design and Instruction. Mrs. Thompson is a very energetic, fun-loving, and dynamic teacher. She is loved by colleagues, parents and students. She and her husband Rick have two boys, Jake and Isaac, who also attend SJV. Mrs. Thompson feels very honored to be a part of the faculty at Saint John Vianney School.