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Cindy Nardini

Third Grade Teacher

Why SJV?

“I chose to come to St. John Vianney because it was a Catholic school with high standards for everyone. I love teaching religion in all that we do throughout the day. I believe it helps us to set the day off right when we can pray first.”  -Mrs. Cindy Nardini

Mrs. Nardini is from Omaha, NE. She comes to us with a Master’s Degree in Reading from Northwest Missouri State University. She has taught third grade for most of the last 19 years in a Catholic school in Omaha. Her husband Deacon Jim was transferred to the Hendersonville area by the company he works for. They have two sons, A.J. and Cole, A.J. works for the family business and Cole started seminary this August. Cindy is happy to be at St. John Vianney school and looks forward to being involved and getting to know everyone at school and in the church.