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First Quarter Wheels In Motion

Congratulations to our first quarter Wheels in Motion bicycle winner, third grader, Kathryn Swan.  Kathryn’s teacher, Mrs. Nardini, nominated her because “Kathryn is a high achiever, who is kind and compassionate to everyone around her. She often will help others without being asked. She always does her part and goes above the mark to help others achieve their part. I often see Kathryn including peers that might be ignored by others. Kathryn is a leader by her actions and her encouraging words to others.”  Pictured with Kathryn are Mr. Kemp and Mrs. Johnson, of the Gallatin Rotary Club, and Dr. Swan, Kathryn’s father.  We are thankful to the Gallatin Rotary Club for including St. John Vianney students in the Wheels in Motion program.

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