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Happy Fall Y’all

It has been a busy first few weeks of school and we have learned so much already! I am seeing great progress in the whole class.

We finished our unit on the five senses by having a popcorn party using an air popper. The students used all five senses during this experiment. Seeing, smelling, and hearing the popcorn popping. Then their favorite part the touching and eating!

We all know that kids love to learn with food. Our math and science unit on colors ended with mixing color with frosting, food coloring, and marshmallows. Of course, they were most excited to eat it at the end, but I did get some OOOHS and AAAHS when the colors mixed together.

When we finish our work while we are waiting for everyone to finish their choices are to read a book or do a puzzle. Some days all kids choose books and other days its all about puzzles!

Balancing on the playground equipment!

Water coloring for art during the first week of school!

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