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This Week in 2nd Grade

Important Dates

8/30 Language Quiz

8/31 Religion Test

9/1 Reading Test, Spelling Test

9/4 Labor Day-No School


Reading: We started our first unit in the textbook this week. The theme of the unit is Kindness. Our first story is Because of You. A test over the story will be given on Friday. This first┬átest will not count as a test grade. I will grade it like a normal test; however, it will be used as practice so that students can see what a second grade reading test is like. Next week’s test will be taken for a grade.

Spelling: Test on Friday

mild, care, pilot, lady, bake, time, sale, ride, able, king, apron, final, quite, quiet, share

Language: We are reviewing the four types of sentences: statement, question, command, exclamation. A quiz over these will be given on Wednesday.

Math: We are learning how to add 3 or more addends and will begin working on subtraction this week.

Religion: We are finishing up the first two chapters on God and the Blessed Trinity. A test will be given on Thursday.

Social Studies: This week we are learning about communities and the three main kinds of communities: rural, urban, and suburban. We will also be comparing communities of the past to those we live in today.

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