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Second Quarter Wheels in Motion Winner

wheels-in-motion-holden-bilbreyCongratulations to our second quarter Wheels in Motion winner, Holden Bilbrey! Many thanks to the Gallatin Rotary Club and Gallatin Police Department for their generous sponsorship of this program. Here is what Holden’s teacher, Mrs. Woodfin, said about Holden in her nomination:

“I witnessed some great Wheels in Motion behavior the other day from a student. Holden Bilbrey has been such a hard worker in my class, he has shown much growth and maturity over the past few months. This week a student had been absent from school and was struggling to complete his work. Holden came up to me and offered to sit with that student and help him. He would use his worksheets to guide him and answer questions. What this meant was Holden was going to complete his seat work and once he finished he would help the other student and miss out on doing white boards something he loves to do when he completes all his work. I was so proud of this sacrifice he was willing to make to help another student so I could continue to work with the other students on the daily task for that day.

I have on my desk “how have you seen God today,” and during my breaks I often jot down ways that I see Him. On this day, at that particular moment, I saw God in Holden through his servant actions.”

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