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Week 34

Thursday is our May Crowning Mass.  Each student is asked to bring on a flower to place on the alter for Mary.  This can be purchased or cut from the yard/garden.  Either is fine.

I hope you were able to come and watch the school’s play “Charlotte’s Web”, great job!



MATH – This week we are reviewing telling time to the hour and review coins.

RELIGION – This week we will begin to understand who Mary is and why she is important in our faith.

HANDWRITING – This week we will practicing the number 10 and the letter M. We will also do a journal entry on our favorite animal. The Pre-k 3 will be working on the letter X.

SCIENCE – This week we will be exploring the zoo on a virtual field. We will also be observing the animal’s habitats.

READING – This week we Pre-K 4 will be wrapping up a unit on farm animals. We will be working on the letters Z and O. We will also review the letters we have learned in previous lessons. We will also be reading to pre-decodable books. Pre-K 3 will be working on the letter X and lots of fun crafts.

5/1     May Crowning Mass (don’t forget a flower for Mary)


5/2- Remember to turn in your permission slip for the field trip. We still need parents to go, we would love to have a few dads go. 


5/14- Scholastic Order Due

 Have a great week!

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