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Visit from Sumner County EMS.

20140423_094628Listening to Paramedic Krampotich explains what happens when you are in a car accident.


20140423_094905Explaining the outside cabinets of the ambulance.

20140423_095144Everyone was very excited to see the inside of the ambulance.

20140423_095213Demonstrating what they do when someone has a heart attack.

20140423_095225Showing the cardiac monitor.


20140423_095336Showing the heart beat on the monitor.


20140423_095912Teaching them not to be scared of what’s going on inside the ambulance.

20140423_100034Explaining IV’s.


20140423_100158Explaining oxygen therapy.



20140423_100609Say cheese!

20140423_100706Commanding orders on scene.

20140423_101035Pre-K with Paramedic Krampotich and EMT- IV Sprayberry.

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