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What’s happening in First Grade?


 4/25:      School Play – 6pm

4/26:      School Play – 1pm

4/30:      Wildcat Wednesday – girls 7th and 8th grade volleyball team

The annual school play is this weekend, Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 1pm.  Please come out and support the school play of “Charlotte’s Web”. 

Reminder: the Sounds game is next Tuesday.  Please check this weeks Wednesday folder for important field trip information.

Reading /ow/ spelled ow and ou_ and  /n/ spelled kn_.

Reading comprehension- decodable books 88:A Clown in Town, 89:Max the Grouch and 90: King Knox and His Knight.

Read The Kite in the Student Reader book 1-Reading test Friday over the story The Kite.

English– use formal and informal language in writing and use alphabetical order and research topics using informative texts.

Math- Lesson 94: addition fact sums of 10 and identifying a missing addend, Lesson 95-1: addition fact sums of 10 and Friday: Assessment 18 and Fact assessment 13

Religion- Chapter 19: Jesus was raised to New Life

Earth Day- describe the effects of ocean pollution, define air pollutants, and different ways pollination occurs.

Unit 7 lesson 1-5 /ow/ spelled ow and ou_

Spelling words                        Challenge words

1. crown                                   1. playground

2. flower                                   2. about

3. tower

4. pouch

5. outside

6. allow

7. chowder

8. round

9. mouse

10. down

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