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This Week in Middle School Math


Happy Holy Week! This may be a short week but we still have a lot to get done!

5’th: In fifth grade we are going to be converting between fractions, decimals, and percents. We will have a small quiz over this before we leave for Easter break.

6’th: In sixth grade we are finishing up our chapter on integers. We will have a test on Tuesday. This test will cover operations with integers, comparing and ordering integers, solving equations with integers, and integer exponents.

7’th: In seventh grade we are solving equations in which the answer may be “no solution” or “all real numbers.” We will also solve distance, rate, and time problems.

8’th: In eighth grade we are starting off the week with a test over radicals. We will than start a chapter reviewing all types of graphs.

I hope you have a great Easter break with your family!

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