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This Week in Second Grade


4/8 Nashville Sounds field trip forms and money due

4/7 – 4/11 Penny Wars! Bring in coins to put in other classes’ jugs to take away from their totals.

4/17 Holy Thursday-11:30 dismissal

4/18 Good Friday-No School

4/21 Easter Monday-No School


First Holy Communion is on Saturday, May 17 at the 4:30 pm Vigil Mass. Girls should wear a white dress (with wide straps, sleeves, or white sweater). Veils are optional. Boys should wear dark or khaki dress pants, white shirt, and tie (jackets are optional). No athletic/tennis shoes.

*Mrs. Smith has a tie and jacket that Korbin wore for First Communion. Please contact myself or her if you are interested in borrowing or purchasing them from her.

Reading: This week we are reading “The Empty Pot” by Demi. It is a folktale that takes place in China long ago. The main character show courage by being honest. Vocabulary words are transferred, sprout, courage, tended, blossom, kingdom, and emperor. Test is on Friday. We are also learning the suffixes -less and -ful.

Spelling: Test on Friday.

cough, dough, fought, though,thought, rough, although, tough, ought, thoughtful, thorough, sourdough

Language Arts: We are learning about commas in dialogue and writing rhyming poems.

Religion: This week we are talking about how Jesus died for us and the Stations of the Cross.

Math: Fact test over subtracting 7 and 8 facts is Tuesday. Written test and a  70 fact subtraction review test (5 minutes) will be on Wednesday. We will be learning about geometric shapes and measuring and drawing lines using centimeters.

Science: We are learning all about weather this week, including the water cycle, how we measure weather, clouds, and different weather conditions.

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