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What’s happening in First Grade?


3/31:      Penny Wars Begin

                Deadline to apply for Financial Aid for 2014-2015

4/1:        Spring Uniforms Begin

4/5:        SJV Wildcat 5K Walk/Run at TripleCreekPark

4/14:      CIA Meeting at 6pm 

SJV WILDCAT 5K – APRIL 5, 2014 Don’t forget to sign up for our inaugural SJV Wildcat 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, April 5.  Online registration is available at, or paper registration forms are also available in the office.

Reading– read words that contain /oo/ spelled oo, –ue and u..

Reading comprehension- Read decodable books- A Cool Balloon, A True Bird and Ants: The True Story and practice the reading skill main idea and details.

English Learn about writing sentences of various lengths.

Math-  Lesson 85-1Trading pennies for dimes, Lesson 85-2: Rounding a number to the nearest multiple of 10, Lesson 86: Adding two-digit numbers using dimes and pennies (with regrouping)

Lesson 87: Telling time to the half hour, Lesson 88 Dividing a square into fourths Coloring halves and fourths. 

Religion- Chapter 17: Jesus gave us the gift of himself, the Eucharist, so that he might be with the Church for all time. Test on Friday over chapter 17.

SpellingSpellingCity lessons each night for Unit 6 lesson 6-10 spelled oo, -ue and u

Spelling words                        Challenge words

1. too                                        1. kangaroo

2. noon                                     2. super

3. moon

4. cool

5. tooth

6. roof

7. spoon

8. flu

9. ruler

10. due


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