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What’s happening in First Grade?

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Spring Break!

 SJV WILDCAT 5K – APRIL 5, 2014 Don’t forget to sign up for our inaugural SJV Wildcat 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, April 5.  Online registration is available at, or paper registration forms are also available in the office.

Reading– read words that contain /o/ spelled oa_ and _ow and read words that contain /u/ spelled _ew and _ue. Discuss elements of Poetry.

Reading comprehension- Read decodable books- Crow and Goat, Rescue That Cat, Eat at Joan’s

Math-  Lesson 81: Add two digit numbers without regrouping, Lesson 82: Identifying how many more on a graph, Lesson 83: Identifying and making congruent shapes, Lesson 84: Counting large collections Grouping by 10’s and Written assessment 16 on Friday.

Religion- Chapter 17: Jesus gave us the gift of himself, the Eucharist, so that he might be with the Church for all time.

SpellingSpellingCity lessons each night for Unit 6 lesson 1-5

Spelling pattern long o spelled oa_ and _ow. Long /u/ spelled _ew and _ue.

 Spelling words                        Challenge words

1. coat                                    1. blew

2. boat                                       2. sailboat

3. toad

4. slow

5. blow

6. few

7. flew

8. argue

9. blue

10. glue

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