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This Week in 2nd Grade


3/3 ITBS testing begins

3/5 Ash Wednesday-All School Mass

Reading: We are reading “How the Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots,” a Swahili folktale. Vocabulary words are delicate, glossy, reeds, bank, admired, and temper. Test is on Friday.

Spelling: Test on Friday.

ouch, hour, now, loud, crowd, down, sound, town, howl, round, birdhouse, outside, shower, growl, cloud

Language Arts: We are learning the prefixes mid- and mis-. Also, we will be reviewing synonyms and antonyms.

Math: We are learning how to tell time to the nearest five minutes and the quarter hour, comparing numbers, and subtracting two-digit numbers.

Religion: We are learning about the Holy Mass.

Social Studies: Quiz over landforms, maps, and how people change the environment will be on Wednesday.

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