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Rockin’ In Week 26!

Hello Parents! I have a few bits of information to run by you before we get into this week’s playlist.  First, all this week students will be taking practice ITBS tests to prepare them for next week.  Please know these are only short timed tests that will give each student a preview to what the real tests look like.  In addition to that, students are still taking their timed multiplication tests everyday.  The students are progressing nicely with this daily assessment.  It’s nice to see the enthusiasm  and eagerness to want to pass each level!  Also, if you have not turned in your midterm progress report please do so by this Wednesday, February 26th. Thanks again for all you do and God Bless!

This Week’s Playlist:

Religion: The Season of Lent

Reading: Earth Our Planet in Space by: Seymour Simon *Test on Friday 28th*

Spelling: Words from other languages

Math: Metric Units (i.e. centimeter, meter, kilometer, ounces, pounds, gram, and kilogram), Finding Probability, 3D Shapes

Science: Planets, Matter, Weather (touching base on certain Testing Standards)

Social Studies: Branches of Government and U.S. Symbols

Handwriting: Beginning Cursive Review


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