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This short week in Pre-K

Don’t forget…This Friday there will be no school for Pre-K and Kindergarten due to screening for the 2014-2015 school year.




Snacks- Please continue to keep them healthy. Healthy minds and healthy bodies is what we love!


Math- We will be working on one-to-one correspondence, number sorting, and sorting with bear manipulatives. The students will be working in small groups with lots of great games.  


Social Studies- We are continuing our study on the Olympics. We love the Olympics and the daily medal count! USA! USA! USA!


Religion- Pre-K 3 is working on the story of Noah and the ark. They will be talking about why God choose Noah and his family.  Pre-K 4 will be reading about Moses helping his people out of slavery. We will discuss why God spoke to Noah.


Reading-  Pre K 3 is learning about the letter O. They will be making owls on Thursday.  Pre-K 4 is learning about syllables & onsets, the letter sound of B and N, and we will also be working on some pre-writing skills.


We are continuing to work on forming our letters and proper pencil grip.


Please let your child know if they are packing or buying lunch.


Thank you for your continuing help. Please keep working on those sight words! 

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