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Look What’s Happening In Kindergarten

Don’t forget…This Friday there will be no school for Pre-K and Kindergarten due to screening for the 2014-2015 school year.  Being that this is such a short week, there will be no written homework.  However, the students still need to be reading for 10 minutes each night and filling out their reading log.  These will be due back to school on Thursday.  We will complete Thursday’s reading in class.  Also, there will be five new sight words this week.

The IOWA tests are just a few short weeks away (March 3-7), and yes we do take them in Kindergarten.  The test will be given in small group settings and the students will have plenty of opportunity for breaks.  To help make this experience more enjoyable for the students, I usually ask for parent help.  I like to have a special snack each day for the students as a reward for their hard work and concentration.  If anyone would like to volunteer to supply a snack for the class during testing week, please let me know.  Thank you for your continued help and support!

Here’s what’s happening in the classroom this week.

MATH – This week we will identify a quarter and a dollar, cover designs using tangrams, explore slides, flips and turns, identify and cover half of a shape.

RELIGION – This week we will continue with last weeks Bible story about Joseph.  We will learn that God wants us to forgive others just as Joseph forgave his brothers.

READING – This week we will match initial and final phonemes, practice sound-by-sound blending, read and respond to a decodable, review position words, attach the short /e/ sound to the letter Ee, segment syllables, and make simple nouns plural.

SCIENCE – We will continue working with our healthy food plate. 

HANDWRITING – This week we will continue working on writing our last names (without looking at nametags) and practice writing the letters Ee, Ww, and Yy.

WRITING WORKSHOP – This week we will work on proper sentence structure, brainstorming a topic, and review the writing process.  Our writing topic will be “teamwork”.

We will also be working on our IOWA test prep booklet.  We will practice following along, listening to directions, and filling in answer bubbles.


2/17     No School/ Presidents Day

2/20     All School Mass, reading logs due for the week

2/21     No School/ 2014-2015 screening

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