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This 24th week in Pre-K

Here is what is going on in Pre-K!


I want to say a big THANK YOU to all those who sent in snacks for the student council. They were able to make 56 bags and had things left over! What a great thing!


RELIGION – This week we will be learning about Moses in Pre-K 4 and Pre-K 3 will be talking about Jesus and his followers. We will be exploring these stories and acting them out! We are making exciting crafts to go along with the valentines theme as well.

MATH – This week we will be working on graphing and writing the numbers 0-10. We will be working on Olympic themed books.

HANDWRITING – This week we will work on recognizing the alphabet and letter formation. We will also be reviewing the letters we have already been working on.

READING/LANGUAGE ARTS –   Pre-K is still working on a transportation unit. We are still working on the letter R and finding R sounds in words.  We will also be working on picking out sight words in our selection stories. We will continue to work on sounding out words and rhyming words. Pre-K 3 will be working on the letter N. They will learn what it looks and sounds like. They will practice writing the letter N and they will have a letter N craft and the end of the week.  Pre-K 3 will also be using the story of Noah to learn the letter N.


SOCIAL STUDIES- We will be working on current events. We are talking about the OLYMPICS! I love the Olympics and I am sharing my love with the students. We are listening to the music of the Olympics, talking about the sporting events, and the medals.


BOOK ORDER- This order is due at the end of the month!  


Thursday, 2/13            Mass (PK-8)

Valentine Parties


Friday, 2/14                No School


Saturday, 2/15            Acoustical Evening


Monday, 2/17             No School (President’s Day)




Thank you for your continuing support in the classroom. I appreciate it!

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