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2nd Grade ART, Music & Technology

2nd Grade ART–  Students completed their Snowy Winter Scene.  Great work!!!  Students will begin our new project Chinese New Year Dragon Puppets.

2nd Grade Music- Students practiced singing songs for the upcoming Spring Play as well as a song about Groundhog’s Day this week.

2nd Grade Technology– Students explored Music terms using the Classics for Kids website. (  Students will begin to create a PowerPoint over the music terms they found, plus we will practice keyboarding using the Typing Web website.  ( 219 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 218 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 217 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 216 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 215 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 214 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 213 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 212 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 211 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 210 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 209 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 208 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 207 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 206 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 205 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 204 sjv_gulleman_art_pictures_2014 203

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