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Language Arts Update – January 27-31

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Grammar –Students will begin a unit on pronouns.  We will discuss personal pronouns, subject and object pronouns, pronouns and antecedents (and making them agree), possessive and indefinite pronouns, reflexive and intensive pronouns, and interrogative and demonstrative pronouns.  This will be a two week study with a comprehensive test following – all test dates will be published, written in agendas, and posted on the testing calendar in the middle school hallway.    


Independent Reading –    Students will turn in Goal 4 of their third book on Friday, January 31st .  Other deadlines are as follows:  End of Book Form – Option 1 or 2 – Intro. Book Form for Book 4 due on Friday, February 7th .


Group Reading – novel –Students are continuing their second group reading.  Eighth grade students have recently completed the novel, Night, and will be working in groups to review through comprehension questions, they will also be using the novel to discuss figurative language, denotation and connotation, analogies, and will test over comprehension in the next few weeks.  Sixth grade students are nearing the completion of Flipped and will be doing a project using music to show the themes in the novel.  Seventh grade students are exploring symbolism in Lord of the Flies and will begin work on their masks this week.  Students are using color symbolism to reflect the “mask” they present to the world and the “mask” they are at home.  Eighth graders will begin reading another book dealing with the Holocaust – Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys soon. 


Group Reading – Scholastic – Students are reading a new Scholastic magazine.  This magazine will allow students to read various articles of narrative non-fiction, drama, argument essays and paired texts (informational text and folk tales).  Students will complete comprehension questions on articles read and will also cover how to maintain verb tense consistency, how to vary sentence structure, how to eliminate ramblers and run-ons, and how to distinguish between the easily confused words you’re/your and number/amount.


Writing – Students have been writing business and friendly letters and are now working on descriptive writing.  Each grade will be creating menus and will be presenting before their class.  Students will also have the opportunity to create one of the items from their menu to share with classmates.   Seventh grade will present on Wednesday, January 29th – food items may be brought in on THURSDAY, JANUARY 30TH.  Eighth grade and Sixth grade students will begin working on writing invitations and thank you notes.


Journals – For the next few weeks, journals will be replaced with worksheets covering easily confused words.  Students will recognize the difference (and how to use them correctly) in the following:  there/their/they’re, lose/loose; loss/lost; to/too/two; and it’s/its.  Students will also be completing various reading comprehension exercises.


Vocabulary – Students will begin Unit 7 and will complete exercises where students will write definitions, complete sentences, identify synonyms and antonyms, select the correct word from various options, and use the vocabulary in context. 


Idiom of the Week – One student per week is drawn to create a “literal idiom”.  This week’s student is  Emma Cassman.  Idiom dictionaries are available in my room if students need ideas.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Roberts




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